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now...kiss! · 1:45am Sep 5th, 2021

*careless whisper plays in background*

it's official, folks :rainbowkiss:

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Looking at it now, I realize that this Netflix poster may be intented as a subtle fanservice for the adult bronies out there, to encourage them to watch the movie. :trixieshiftright: I wouldn't mind seeing Sunny hook up with Izzy though :heart:

At the very least, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if they became the fandom's frontrunning ship out of the gate.

It would have to be subtle fanservice - poster's in Polish, they do pogroms over there.

They can do it and still have it be family friendly. Look at Scootaloo's aunts and they were background ponies. Lyra and Bonbon were more than just friends. If you look outside mlp, Steven Universe handled same sex relationships very well. Of course conservative religious groups will always get their knickers in a bunch, but who cares, they're a dying breed anyways.(personally I think they're jealous)

I mean, I think that barrier's already starting to break: Disney's got that Lumity thing going on with The Owl House right now, and seeing as TNA's priming itself to go all-in on the "Love and Tolerance" themes…

I think I'd still be a mite surprised if they went all the way with it, but only just. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

And if they don't, then it'll be...*takes a deep breath*...WRITERS TO YOUR KEYBOARDS!

Sooo....should we start playing Airplanes or something?


Some conservatives can be considerate and friendly about it, though. But I respect your opinion. :)

No, Careless Whisper's got infinitely more class :raritywink:

But you're not one of those folks who believes that if some believes something different than you or just trying to live their life in a manner that is different from yours, that's it's an attack on you or an attempt to invalidate you.

Turns out it's a staring contest. Ah well.

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