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My First Job at Sonata's Happy Place · 8:02pm August 26th

After many years of being a depressed freeloader, I just came home from my first day at Taco Bell. Sure, all I did was sit and watch three and a half hours worth of orientation videos, but it's a start :derpytongue2:

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Good luck with your new job. I’m getting completely fucked by how shitty the place I work now has become but when I first started it really helped me feel like I wasn’t a waste of space anymore. I hope working there keeps your spirits up. If you can afford to be sure to save your money for an emergency and always be on the look out for a better job but don’t quit there until it’s certain you’ll get the new, better job.

Good luck, Nico! You can do it!


Good for you, dude!

CSC #4 · August 26th · · ·

Nice. I’ve been meaning to get a job too. Hopefully I’ll get one soon and become as successful as you. :twilightsmile:

Best of luck!

Fancy a little corporate espionage to help Admiral Biscuit get the first Taco Bell copycat running in Equestria?

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