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Yes, my avatar is looking OP, but it is merely a transfer character I have that seems OP, but not in the sense you are thinking. Think multiverse. And there are way stronger worlds out there.

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A Takeover of Debauchery is Lawless, Even in Space · 7:52pm Aug 2nd, 2021

Got ya, didn't I?

Yeah, keeping things short. Another enthusiastic author wanted to take a crack at continuing the story, doing the ideas listed out me and towan had in an information document. But, he needs editors to help clean things up as English is not his first language. It's Spanish so if you are bilingual, all the better. Even though translating programs online can do enough of a job to have things make sense, the chapters still need some editing work done. So please, if you want to see this continue further, look to V-H-SClop and express your interest in doing so. But please make sure you are up to the task. The story is very fetish heavy and you must have the stomach for it all along with working and editing on a translated document by a translate program.

I really hope you guys help this buddy out and see that his chapters are brought to life and the story is revived once again.

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