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    "When will the next chapter of TYSH be out you lazy SOB?"

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Finals Week and Ditzy News · 5:10am Dec 5th, 2012

Well hello everyone, I hope you all have had a good day thus far. As of right now, I'm sure some of you are experiencing the dreaded finals week. I wish you the best. I myself am no exception, and have just returned from conquering my CS final.

But amidst this dark time, I have some pleasant news. Come the end of finals week is Christmas break, and during that time I'm dedicating a large chunk of it to you guys. That means a lot of new work on TYSH for you all to enjoy. It does hurt me quite a bit not being able to update this story in a timely fashion. I'm going to finally be able to see my co-writer after many months of being apart. We are going hard on writing, anime, fine tuning our art skills, as well as a whole bunch more stuff. My hope is to finish chapter 13 and possibly 14 come the end of the break.

Now will we release them simultaneously? The answer to that is 'no.' Will we release them within a short time of each other? Maybe. I want each chapter to really sink in as we get to the good parts of the story.

Other news:
TYSH is bordering 1900 favorites as of now. Did everyone remember my hilariously awesomely bad cover of "So Many Wonders" for 1000 favorites. If not, here you go:

The point being, I will do another song at 2000 favorites. If you want to see that, I would suggest you spread this story out to the populace. And also I will be taking suggestions for the song, not saying I will do that song, but there is always a chance. I also want to make it a duet with my co-writer because well, why the hell not?

Also I was thinking about doing a colaboration with my good friend Smoking Gun.
This guy:

It's an interesting idea that I also want your opinions on, it's only in the conceptual stages as of right now. As my friend put very well:

"It's actually going to have some material that you can take away from it in regards to your art. Allow me to elaborate. The story is called 'Scritore' and follows two authors in a 'new Renascence' era of Equestria. Over the course of three chapters, one a quiet, but successful author, the other a self-conceited jackass, discuss the current state of storytelling and art in Equestria. The plan is for these discussions to maybe help other authors out there, deconstruct writing trends and explain how young writers can improve their work." Leave opinions in the comments.

Side note: Is anyone else excited about Rooster Teeth's new project RWBY? It's anime, but by Rooster Teeth. HOW COOL IS THAT? Haven't seen it, look it up.

And to all of you that said I looked attractive, I love you too.

Picture time:

The picture you all love: [LINK] The actual ORIGINAL cover photo for TYSH, (that I didn't actually get permission to use, whoops) show him your love.

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Comments ( 12 )

Yeah I'm looking forward to RWBY

Heh, I finished all my exams over a week ago. And also, since it's a duet, do This Day Aria.

Good luck with finals! Still have 3 more myself (and two of em are 7:00 am!)

PD! YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the solar and lunar princeeses, your work is one of the only things that keeps me goin on here lol

TYSH is possibly the one story on here I love with every fibre of my being (I don't mean that I dislike other stories the same way, just don't like them as much) just for getting to be Ditzy's 'special somepony' alone, so any update is always pure gold. :derpytongue2:

oh hey, if you want good anime, you should check out sword art online. if you haven't heard of it yet that is:rainbowwild: also, check out "is this a zombie"...okay, now that that lil anime squee is outta the way, for the song, you should either do this day aria, or the find a pet song:rainbowlaugh:

Yeah! More of one of my favorite fanfictions! Also, I relly want to see more of TYSH, but don't forget to take a break from writing to enjoy some time alone as well. We don't want you overworking yourself for our sake!
576118Rainbow Dash approves of your profile pic.:rainbowwild:

576118 "Is this a zombie" is one of my favorite anime. My co writer and I both love it

This pleases your audience greatly.

Also, if you're looking for anime I suggest Trigun. It's the only anime I've ever liked.

First off, great job, HUGE fan of TYSH :pinkiehappy: and also, if you like really fun action packed anime's.... Angel Beats, Fairy Tale (it is surprisingly good for a Japanese children's show :rainbowlaugh: ), and if you're into guns and anime at the same time that if they were both in the same thing for an extended period of time that you'd squee like sweetie belle :derpytongue2: .... Gunslinger Girl (I'm now terribly afraid of brunette women due to this series, especially if they have short hair). And can I just say that your writing is vivid, inspiring and grips my soul with joy, allowing me to read this many times over. Thank you. :ajsmug:


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