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Buying Yu-Gi-Oh Cards For the First Time In Years · 7:08pm July 7th

Long ago I gave up on collecting Yu-Gi-Oh for a variety of different reasons. One of which was getting teased for still carrying around the anime-themed school supplies by 9th grade :twilightsheepish: Then came the recent decision by stores to halt the sale of trading cards. Indeed at my local Wal-Mart, I've noticed the card/collectable section slowly shrinking and being replaced by candy. So many M&Ms :rainbowderp:

So I've decided to buy cards again while I still can. It's been very nostalgic. However, my wallet now hates me. So far I'm three structure decks, a power cube, several boosters, and a brand new binder full of card sheets in deep. And I still want more :pinkiecrazy: I think I have an addiction lol

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Haha, yeah, that can happen. For me it was Magic: The Gathering, though my enthusiasm for the game has waned of late. The extent of my current interaction with Yu-Gi-Oh is even less, limited to repeatedly jamming to this insert song:

Well, I can't fault you for enjoying a TCG, even if it's not my personal choice. Glad you're having fun with it.

CCGs and TCGs are fun but too expensive. I've spent more on the MLP CCG than on any other game, although Marvel Legendary comes vaguely close.

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