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I love traveling, delicious food, reading (especially fanfictions) drawing and healing others~ "So Others May Live"

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Shout out to NotQuiteEquine for this amazing art piece! O&O in Hollow Shades Day Shift Tavern! · 2:55pm Jun 22nd, 2021

Commissioned this piece from NotQuiteEquine she was a great artist to work with and this like their other work is outstanding!

Slurry grins evilly as he watches Oath's despair like any good DM he lives to make his players miserable or at least challenge them... she rolled a 1 during a fight in the campaign that required 13< and lost a character she cared about and wanted to keep alive. Skill Tree comforts his special somecreature seeing that Oath was upset understanding but smiling at her as he tries to comfort her. After a few pints of hard lycee and apple cider this trio is sure to have a rowdy good time and maybe just maybe Oath and Skill Tree will make it to the end of this dungeon.

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