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The Damaged Element PROMPT · 8:34pm Jun 10th, 2021

I’d like to have my followers attention!
As of today, I am issuing a TDE Prompt! There are some rules, so I expect you all to follow them.

First, here’s the plotline:
The Damaged Element is an Anon-A-Miss led story that takes the POV of the Principal and a certain blue-haired musician. The only difference from this is that the name of the cyber-bully is known as Anonymous_666 and is not the three young girls, but rather someone that none of the Humane 6 ever fought. In this altered timeline, Vinyl Scratch was having a normal day doing homework outside of the school, sitting on a bench when she saw Sunset Shimmer fall out of a classroom window…

At this point, I shall need everyone else to fill in the blanks.

Rule #1: you must include the tags Vinyl Scratch, Mane 7, Principal Celestia, Other, and Sunset Shimmer.

Rule #2: As this “Anon-A-Miss” is going towards a darker turn, you will need to put the genre tags as listed: Horror, Dark, and Drama. (Alternate Universe is recommended) [Suicide tags are suggested as well]

Rule #3: Word count must be at least 50K or near to it. (Optional)

I recommend these tools to help with the prompt:
Word checking Apps
Pen and Journal

There’s no time limit, so you are free to do this prompt whenever you all feel like to!
One more thing! To submit your prompts, please DM them to me with the subject heading “The Damaged Element” or “TDE Prompt”.


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