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Author Notes on 'Split Ends' · 7:44am Jun 2nd, 2021

ESplit Ends
Sunset Shimmer goes for a haircut, and she meets someone familiar for the first time in a long while.
SnowOriole · 3k words  ·  54  0 · 686 views

By all means this latest story was a dumpster fire. When I had the idea for this story, it was really supposed to be crack, but then silly me ended up turning it into a... slightly meaningful story, or at least a story trying to seem meaningful. I have to admit that I'm a child in more ways than one, which is why my insightful philosophical BS is often just... BS.

I was trying out a vastly different style too, heaven knows why, and wrote the thing in parts, so it's disjointed here and there. As in, some parts are one-liner dialogues and then there are just these massive exposition dumps. And for the characterisation, I didn't even watch Equestria Girls that closely so my knowledge of the characters was based mostly on their Wiki pages, which can only go so far in helping me understand the characters I was dealing with. *heavy sigh* I should've just stuck to crack.

I wasn't going to publish this story, and it sat in my Cancelled folder for about a month until I saw the contest I'd written this for in the first place had only three participants, two of which actually admitted their story didn't exactly fit the guidelines of the contest. So I roused myself up to somehow salvage this thing. It took the better part of my day, because for such a fast artist I'm a really slow writer. Ended up not even writing romance because it would've been too rushed, so technically not qualifying for the competition, but eh. Better a quality story than criteria-meeting (as 'quality' as this can get).

At this point I'm getting tired of editing and re-editing it, Sooo... even though I am not that proud of this... I'm just gonna leave this here.

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