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So, I nearly have 300 fics · 4:00pm May 27th, 2021

At this moment, I have 299 stories.

I wonder if would be too much meta if I make a 300 crossover or something. The last 300 manly chad spartan humans, unloved by a pony stand against the evil sexy hordes of ponies that want to marry them or something.

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Comments ( 12 )

That would be awesome dude

Thanks. Took a long time to get here.

I might consider it, who knows. I may need to ask a mod first.

That would be halarious

Could be far too meta. I am somewhat afraid. Even if I don't reference myself or fimfiction.

I think that would be interesting, besides I do love ancient history.

I do too. But it could be too meta. I love the phalanx formation the Greeks used.

I might be worth the risk.

Well if you do decide to go through with it this is going to be a battle for the modern history books. XD

This must be done.




I got word from a mod. It's fine. As long as I don't reference myself or fimfiction.

The ultimate showdown.

There was a story about eight, nine, ten(!?) years ago that was already a bit of meta at the time. Bronies on Earth made the portal and sent through regiments of fans for each of the mane six, with a sequel that expanded it to the "auxiliary" regiments for the background characters. Each regiment embodied their particular pony, and each one had one of the initial horsefamous people as tongue-in-cheek cameos being the leader of a regiment. Cereal Velocity, Sethisto, and a few others.

I'm not certain on the name of it, though I think it was "B.I.G." or something very similar. If the Spartan 300 were going to have a pony to follow in such a fashion, they'd probably be the last holdouts against owing fealty to another creature.

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