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Biased and Incomplete: The Audio Production That Took Seven Years To Complete · 7:14pm May 14th

This fic was recommended to me by a friend back in 2014. We actually recorded a podcast reviewing it. It was one of the first times I ever collaborated with TheLostNarrator, who has now been one of my best friends for many years.

It is also a cursed fic that took me many, many tries to successfully adapt!

And now, here it is, in 2021, finally in audio form for you all to enjoy.

Holy fuck I hope it was worth the wait.

Synopsis: Twilight is called to Canterlot University on royal business. For Rainbow Dash it's a chance to meet with a larger-than-life pony - and learn the difference between reality and imagination.

Written before AK Yearling was introduced in canon!

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hmmm... knowing the high quality of your readings it probably is worth the wait

Hey, if it's a fic made into an audio reading by you Scribbler, it is always worth the wait.

Considering the fact that your readings are very intriguing and really good, this is worth the wait.

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