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    A Blog-Flashfic

    It was just an ordinary day in my home. I was playing PK XD on my phone. My account there is GeoPlayzPKXD#220. I loved PK XD.

    —the rest of this happens in-game—

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    Fanfic Review: Rainbow’s Dark Orangins 🍊

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    Not bad..

    Grammar: 2/5 😖
    Emotional: 5/5 🤪
    Storyline: 4/5 😆
    References from other movies/shows: Yes 🧐
    Foals! (Idk why but in toca life I played out similar stuff, but the courthouse wasn’t involved. And nothing went too wrong.): 4/5 😎

    Back in Gimmel~ Cloudsdale..: 5/5 😆

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    Comparing Myself to ponies.

    I took a Pony Personality Test on Scratch, and my results were:

    I’m 40% Pinkie, 40% Rainbow and surprisingly 20% Rarity..
    0% of the others.

    To play this yourself, click the link: Clicky!

    Another says I’m Rainbow Dash. O.O

    Play it yourself!

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    Bad news and announcement.,

    My school starts on June 1.

    So I’ll be offline on weekdays.

    So sorry. But Sat and Sun are free.

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    Ask the heroes

    Ask the main or young six anything, which they’ll answer for you. If you want it as a full conversation, then PM me. You’ll see the answers in a story of mine.

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Silly Lightning Moments · 10:47pm May 10th

Do you know Rainbow Dash?
Do you know Nimbus?
No, who’s that?
Let me show you a visual aid. *beeps remote*

This is a lazy cloud from Toca Life Stories.
Oh, okie.
I actually once (in toca world) shipped RD with him. A cloud. Btw, RD has red hair in this. RED!

Comments ( 7 )

I approve it!


I don't know why or How, but I LOVE IT!

It reminds me of a race of cloud people I saw in a cartoon many years ago.
So, thanks. :pinkiehappy:

:twilightsmile: Shipping Rainbow Dash with a cloud. You have good interests. :twilightsmile:


:rainbowderp: Really? Thx! Btw, that would be silly, I’ll admit.

Revisiting after 2 weeks, and lolling so much!

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