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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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  • Tuesday
    You know the worst thing about carving pumpkins and leaving them outside for Halloween?

    The gnats.

    The gnats.



    the gnats.

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  • Monday

    “Hey, hey, take it easy! You trying to disjoint my leg or something?”

    Thistle breathed heavily as she stopped dragging Blue Fang out of the restaurant, coming to a halt at a fountain. “Sorry… I think we’re finally a good distance.”

    “Alright, look, what’s the big idea? What do you have against Ky?”

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  • Sunday
    If you know, you know

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  • Saturday

    Bezier scurried behind a corner as the red eyed changeling trotted past her, through the hallways and stopping at one of the many doors lined along walls. She quietly watched knocked a few times. Within a few moments, it opened to reveal no one other than Snapdragon herself.

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  • Friday
    Decided to take a pic of the scenery

    Specifically at this lil’ gem:

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Error 522: Connection Timed Out · 12:03am May 4th

“Have you tried refreshing or something?”

“I refreshed a dozen times, and it’s still not working! I have 10 days to get this vector finished, Pharynx! I dunno how long this streaming site is gonna be down for!

“Why not get the screenshot from Dailymotion or something?”

“Dailymotion doesn’t have 1080p! I want this to be high-quality!

“Since when were your vectors even considered ‘high-quality’ in the first place?”

*frustrated screaming*

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Comments ( 13 )

Easy, now. Don't break her.

“I think she’s been broken the moment this started happening.”

Pharynx, she's stressed, leave her alone

“She never leaves me alone when I’m the one trying to concentrate.”


...Touche, general

What I’m really worried about is... well, how long is this gonna keep up for?

You tried restarting?

Restart what? The phone?

It says it’s a Host Error and not a Browser Error

I restarted it and it still won’t work.

Um...I got nothing

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