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G5 News: Pipp and Zipp Are Siblings/Cell Phones Confirmed · 8:36pm April 9th

Let the incest clop and technology rage commence :trollestia:

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I feel like I'm in the minority when I say that I like the designs.

Admittedly, having wings and horns colored differently from the rest of the body is a stroke of genius probably born of G4's constantly forgetting to remove them from Flash puppets that weren't supposed to have them.

What don't I like about G5?
Why aren't their names pony names? What's up with that?
Really just not a fan of 3D animation in general, but this also just looks awful.
Technology rage. I'm happier in a library than staring at a screen, and I don't wanna see ponies putting up with tech as well...
Some of these color schemes are awful. Just horrid. Rarity would faint if she saw Zipp.
I dunno, the general vibe of this show rubs me the wrong way, I guess.

Personally, I'm still kinda iffy regarding Zipp's design, but for the most part, I've liked everything else I've seen thus far.

At the very least, you and I can be in the minority together.

orgy pic in T-minus 34 minutes

Yeah...promo pics like that just makes it seem like the new stuff was planned by a shareholders board that was trying to be 'cool' or trendy.

That'd require someone other than Izzy to get fanart.

Sunny gets a little bit.

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