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Vanellope Swift Breeze and Wrecking Ralph · 9:26pm Apr 3rd, 2021

Wreck it Ralph gets ponified in this Disney + FiM mash-up. We see the infamous Wreck it Ralph ponified, here the large draft pony video game villain is smashing his way through the candied racing game Sugar Rush. Vanellope Swift Breeze is the newly reformed (but still vary mischievous) glitch princess of this sweet racing game enjoying a great time with her close friend from Fix it Fetlocks Jr. Vanellope got her wings back when she crossed the finish line in her first "official race" and since then she has enjoyed racing as much as possible using her glitch to secure victory against other racers on the tracks of her country.

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Cool designs!

Thanks so much I had a lot of fun with both these characters :twilightsmile: Personally I think Vanellope turned out pretty good

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