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Something remotely positive from 2021! · 8:46am February 5th



Thursday, February 4, 2021
Never again a dolphinarium in Belgium!

After France, which banned the breeding of dolphins, last September , Belgium is now ending the captivity of cetaceans. Never again dolphinarium in Brussels , announced the responsible for issues of animal welfare minister Bernard Clerfayt * . Indeed, on Wednesday, 3-02-2021, the environmental committee of the Belgian parliament passed three votes banning the establishment and operation of dolphins in this country, the use of ponies and other equidae for fun in a amusement park ( real pony carousels ) and glue rodent traps. The first and second provisions passed unanimously, while the third was voted by a large majority.

"It has been a long time since we have kept animals captive to humans for their enjoyment, but from now on it is unacceptable to bequeath to the younger generations the notion that animals are our slaves. The new provisions are a positive development. of legislation, " says Bernard Clerfayt. The provisions also have to be voted on by the plenary of the parliament.

With information from C'est assez (via My Dolphin Club ) and Bernard Clerfayt

Thing is, all those different non-human beings need a lot more support than humans in general (sucked dry by capitalism) can provide, it seems!

And just because I have those open ....
Buzgalin on the current crisis in Russia

Some people turned out to the protests because they genuinely espoused liberal values - individualism, private property, the market, formal freedoms - and were convinced that if these illusory freedoms came to pass, they personally would be successful, would be in demand, etc., etc. Such illusions are typical of students in Moscow and other large Russian cities, and this is no accident. The young people concerned receive an education based on neoliberal dogmas, run amuck in neoliberal cyberspace, and intentionally or not profess neoliberal ideology, often without being conscious of it. These young people actually do have certain prospects, and they are more likely to become successful free-lancers as part of a neoliberal milieu than in today’s semi-feudal Russia. At the same time, these prospects are largely a phantom apparition. Even the young people who achieve career success will not acquire genuine freedom, but only the illusion of it; they will not become individuals, but slaves. They will not be the slaves of bureaucrats, but of corporations. Indeed, they are already subject to ideological and cultural manipulation - not so much by the West as by corporate capital and the “total market”, that together impose on them the standards of a society of simulative consumption.

Annals of Annihilation

In a deeper sense, though, the time has come to stop framing climate change as a phenomenon whose effects can be seen only, as it were, cryptologically, in the demise of a frog species or the shattering of an ice sheet. The terrors of a warming world, and the expectation of future terrors, have already begun to shape where we live, how we live, and how we feel—not elsewhere but here, not for others but for us. Weather has a profound influence on human behavior, and so, too, does the perception of risk.

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