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"Atomic heart" · 11:50pm Nov 15th, 2023

Not exactly game itself, but I had this thought last ... wake up time that well, it will be very cool if rushed to mass application technology just once worked so above and below assumed range that world actually changed for the better?

Like, one of those weird air ionizators turned out to be boosters not just for usual aspects of health but unknowingly at a time also boosters of our ability to walk in someone's else shoes, understanding that killing someone for pair of said shoes is ...not optimal, disobeying murderous orders and internal impulses actually worth it....

So, by the time "Limits to growth" was published in such alternative history it will be widely accepted as guiding principle, production will be tuned to all over minimization of material and energy use, while also avoiding overexploitation of workers and biosphere. Consumerism never happened, people will think twice and often refuse to waste papers on trivial, uneeded advertizements ...

Computers might forever remain mostly confined to laboratories, factories, fields and school / university libraries, but I much prefer future where humans do not need to fight for even existence of any non-violent way forward over future where abundant microelectronics just allow us to clearly see all wrongs in the world without ability to interfere!

To be honest, I quite like how home computers initially reused pre-existing hardware like tape recorders, radio, TV set, phone line instead of reinventing everything. After all, even 70x computer with modem link to bigger machine at district's library or even connected via radiomodem to another town still can do a lot of things!

As a demo - Apple II as CGI machine, even in Basic, apparently!


So, overpovered computers of today only "needed" because all other computers way too fast for interfacing equally with much smaller machines.

But for avoiding arm races in technology and iteiuzm, let alone actual weapons arm race - we apparently need some catalyst we never discovered in OUR timeline. May be not even technological technology, but artistical or psychological.

But this is just .. little fantasy. We still go down pre-fabricated (even if badly thought out, as it seems) path of Bigger, Faster, Stronger (measured in $, not in real good life for humans at least, over their modest 70+ years lifetime).

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Ehh... Im with Jonas on this one

Not going the Chatoyance route per say... but, well... okay, how to put this?

Humans really haven't been able to truly prosper until recently, and as such, have never really put much thought beyond the immediate. That doesn't mean we're evil or uncaring, but rather we've had not the opportunity to be beyond ourselves before now. But as its been said, idle hands are the devils play things, and as such any further prosperity outside now is probably detrimental.

Not to say of course we shouldn't shore up, say, our mental health or infrastructure, but still...

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