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A guy recovering from the recent hardships of life. How you doing?

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    I've Finally Watched Breaking Bad... Really lives up to Hype!

    For years, I have had some friends who have gone on and on about a show called "Breaking Bad", with many naming it the greatest show they've ever seen. Despite having access to it, I never got around to actually watching it for a few reasons, with the big ones being time and the fear of the overhype.

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    Why Writing the SunLight Wedding is Difficult

    If I blink, I swear weeks go by. Where does the time go? :rainbowderp:

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    Getting Back on Track

    Okay, after much time away, I'm back for the time being.

    After the most recent tragedy, I decided to take some time away and do some readjusting. Something here, something there, new job, etc. I've been away from writing (except for my big project) and my blogs, so I hope to restart those. I've been keeping up with my art commissions, and I'll be sure to comment on those, too.

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    Family Tragedy. Current Projects Delayed

    I'm sorry, but I can't really be witty about this one.

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    I spent $200 to make this Comic

    Yeah, I may be a little ambitious. Or insane. Or both.

    Even though I haven't posted a lot of stories recently, I have been active in the art scene. I can't draw worth a dime, but I have commissioned a number of drawings, and this is my most expensive one.

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Happy New Year + Art w/ Links · 12:59am Jan 2nd, 2021

Happy 2021, everybody! I don't have time to say too much right now, but I want to wish everyone a great new year. Let's make this one better than the last.

Here's some appropriate art for the occasion. Idea and commissioned by me, done by Riouku.

Enjoy! I'll be back with a proper blog soon!

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