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Another Merry Christmas! · 3:55pm Dec 25th, 2020

Greetings, everyone,

it is understandable that warm and happy wishes this particular year might appear a bit too jovial, considering what's happening all around us. What a mess 2020 has been. For many reasons. Some general, some private. It would be a long list to point all those out. However, I still think that an opportunity like this should be used as yet another reminder, reminder that beyond all of these terrible occurrences this year, life remains. The good one. The proper one. Maybe not the carefree one, but the right one.

As such, please allow me to share with you my best wishes of good health, deep joy and prosperity for the future. May the Lord watch over all of you and may your reason lead you to goodness and balance in life. Despite everything, we will persevere and continue. Despite the losses and despite the hardships.

And, to those of you still interested in my humble person as a writer, I will also allow a few words. After a period of personal hardships that, once more, ruined my plans of stable creating, I am taking my own, damn, words into consideration and pushing through. As a form of self-betterment and dragging myself out of the darkness in my head by any means necessary, I am trying out new approaches to writing. I do hope that they will result in me being able to put before you, well... results. So thank you to all who are still here and I will keep doing my best. That I can promise.

Stay tuned, stay safe,


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Comments ( 10 )

Merry Christmas to you too Gulheru! :yay: Let’s just hope that next year Christmas will be better than this one.
I’m so happy to hear that these new approaches to writing are working, I can’t wait to read what will happen to Twilight in the next chapter of the Journey. Stay safe!


Doing my best, regarding both. Thank you for the kind words. :twilightsmile:

It has been a tough year for everyone. At least Twilight's journey and many other stories helped me to have a break from this horrible 2020. So Merry Christmas also to you man and as we say around here, Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!


Glad that I could help, even if in such a small way. :pinkiesmile:

I actually didn't touch my TV until I caught up with the story :twilightsheepish:


I'll take it as a strong compliment. :twilightsheepish:

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays, Here is to good health and hopefully a better year to come.

Oops, didn't notice the story had been updated. I swear Firefox doesn't always find the newest version of a given webpage until 2 or 3 days after the fact, despite me frequently clearing my cache.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I certainly hope the new year is better, but I have a feeling things are going to get absolutely crazy in 2021.


Let's hope for the best anyway. What's left there to do? I hope you'll enjoy what I will be creating in the future. :twilightsmile:

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