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Every story has it's fans. Mine just happen to be nonexistent. But that's okay because I still love to write❤️

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    (This is totally not me btw).

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Unblocking/Update · 12:25am Nov 24th, 2020

So, I realize it's been awhile and I apologize for the lack of content. I've been on a break and slowly making content for the past month. The good news is a lot of it is done but it'll have to wait until the beginning of next year as that's when posting will be back to it's regular schedule(every Friday for those who don't know).

On a side note, I've decided to unblock the person who had caused me grief last month. The reason for this decision is because I don't like blocking/keeping people blocked if I can help it. The second reason is because I believe in giving people chances and since they have been nice enough not to speak about it, I'm willing to give them a chance again.

I sent the following-

SunTwi06 said:

I hope your day is going well. It's been about a month since we last talked. I realized we started on the wrong foot and while I do apologize for blocking you, I didn't appreciate you being disrespectful towards my friends/Editors. But, I'm willing to forgive you under the condtion that you don't do it again. As of right now, I have unblocked you. I pray this doesn't happen again. Have a lovely day/week:heart:

For the few of you that don't know about it, I made a blog about a user harassing one of my friends (link here if you're interested). To make a long story short, I gave them several warnings about it and they refused to listen to I blocked them for about a month. To the user themselves, I hope we can be friends/try to put this behind us:heart:.

In any case, I have a story coming out either today or tomorrow and a story coming out in December. If you guys/girls have any suggestions, I'll gladly hear them. Sorry for the long message. I hope your day is going well:heart:

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I wish you well and Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas :heart:

5403851 Thanks. Same to you:heart:

A Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you! Two special occasions to give something special to be excited about for the year.

5403854 Good. Just slowly making more stories. I've been absorbed into my work so I haven't chatted in a min. I've written for 8 hours at a time without a break so I don't notice the time. Once January hits, I'll have more stories coming out:heart:.

5403855 That it is

I know how you feel I’ve been working on some of my stories as well. I’m actually working on 5 stories at once. :twilightsheepish:

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