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Time for a sneak peek. · 4:45pm Nov 11th, 2020

“What is going on in people’s heads?” 

That right there is a question I honestly have, and I’ve been having it for weeks or even months now. It’s not targeted towards one person either, but rather about a handful or more in a certain community.

Let me start by saying this; I’ve been a hardcore My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan ever since the Season 3 Finale aired. I was about 16 or even 17 years old when the series first premiered, so of course I didn’t think that much of a show about happy pastel ponies targeted towards kids that were about half my age, and that was the case for a while, up until I took the time to actually watch an episode or two.

Needless to say, that experience… it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, compared to the previous MLP generations, especially the unnecessarily sweet and saccharine third generation, this adaption was honestly a nice change of pace. Sure, it had some sickly sweet moments here and there, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to sour the amount of appeal it had to me or to the thousands of other people that enjoyed it for the intriguing storylines and actually likeable characters.

Speaking of other people, when browsing the internet after watching the final episode of the third season, I stumbled upon what was known as the “Brony fandom”. To say the least, I was genuinely pleased to see I wasn’t the only guy who was attached to a show aimed for young girls about little ponies learning about the “magic of friendship” per say.

So, it was safe to say I stuck around in the fandom up until Season 9 finally rolled around to give the series a proper conclusion; as expected, saying that the fans were disappointed by the announcement of the final season would be a major understatement.

And I will admit, I was no different. MLP:FiM has had a very significant impact on me, and it even changed my perspective on children’s cartoons altogether. So of course, I was pretty devastated when it was revealed that the show would be ending with its ninth season.

Time passed, and eventually, the final episode of the series was released. I’d talk about my thoughts on said episode, such as what I liked and disliked about it, but I’ll probably save those things for another time for the sake of this post.

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