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Ron Jeremy Pony

What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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    Well, consider my ass surprised. I looked and it's been a year since I've posted a blog. First, allow me to apologize for that. Next, allow me to go ahead and fill everyone in on what's been happening in my life up until now. So, as most of you likely know I've been working a day job, but I've been writing as well. Currently I'm working on a light novel series, and I'm hopeful that it will

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    I've had a few questions about other stories that I'm working on. Original fiction, fan fiction, and the like. If anyone really would like to read some of it I'll be glad to leave a few links to the various Google docs that I'm working from.

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    Hi everyone. So, I'm sure that most of you have noticed that I've kind of gone silent. I've been working on original fiction, and honestly I've written another novel in the process. I will continue my fanfictions, but the original fiction has more or less taken presidence in my writing. I've been developing worlds, creating characters, and loving every moment of it. Between that in my job as

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    Second Chapter nearly out

    So the second chapter of Can't Snuff the Rooster is nearly done. I managed to get a thousand words in after work last night and right now I'm on break. I figured that I would drop a little update. On top of that it feels good to be writing fairly consistently. In other news I'm attempting to get picked up by either an agent or a publishing house for my original fiction. Of course if it

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Halloween/Nightmare Night Anthology · 10:34pm Oct 23rd, 2020

So, my favorite season of all time is upon us again. Naturally, I'm talking about the wonderful holiday known as Halloween. Since COVID is still spreading, and the numbers are rising like no one's business (Especially in good old Oklahoma), that puts a bit of a hamper on the normal Halloween fun.

So, I put on my thinking cap, and I came up with a wonderful solution. A Halloween/Horror anthology. The rules are simple. The story needs to be between one and three thousand words long. It can be inspired by a Movie, Horror Story, Novel, Director, Actor, etc, but it does need to be mostly your own creation. Each chapter has the option of either being Story # or you can add a specific title to it.

Types of stories that will make the cut. Horror of all shapes and sizes. This goes from old suspensful horror (Think Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock) to Modern Horror (Slashers, supernatural horror, pandemics, and of course Zombies). Dark Comedy is welcome as well, but keep in mind that this is a horror anthology. If you're interested, leave a response, and I'll PM you. If not, I understand.

And here, we, go.

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