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    A new story I'm (maybe???) Writing

    I don't have a lot of ideas for this yet, and this story might come out clumsy because I'm getting out of my comfort zone for this but I'm trying to get out of my writer's block and this is what I settled on doing.

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    Some ideas I'm having currently

    Still here and still having writer's block but I've been thinking of different things I can attempt that are outside my normal interest to a degree that I have seen become semi- common things on this website. one of them is making 6 ocs of different species those being, Zebra, Cat, Diamond Dog, Dragon, Griffon, and Changeling who are friends and have adventures with each other and separate (being

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    My list of ideas

    so I have two things to share in this Blog. the first is a way to get me back into writing I made a google docs list that is a master list of all the MLP ships that appeal to me to write in the future, and I decided to share it here because I wanted to, and because I think this will be a good thing to direct people too if I ever start trades or commission one of these days too give others ideas

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    Feel like I should say something here

    I'm still around and still having super mega writer's block (been putting all my energy into drawing mostly). but there is a better chance of me uploading stuff here again as I've been super into MLP again and working on my next-gen again (because. of course I am) and most of the stories will most likely set in that AU cause... that is what I wanna write about and I am sure somebody on here will

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    More updating

    I've been up to a lot the past few days, it's the new year, and despite this year already starting off rough for me, I've been making an effort to draw every day. its been going well I mean I still don't really like my art at all but it feels nice to commit to something again and if you wanna see all my art progress I might show it here in future blogs or you could send me a note asking for my

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possible upcoming Stories 1. Slice of Life · 12:46am Oct 11th, 2020

So I've been thinking and I'm gonna try a new challenge for myself where I pick a theme and pick 10 ships I think fits that theme and do what I can to write them (with a Bonus 11 one that is super indulgent) and once there all done pick a new theme and start all over again. Since this is the first one of hopefully many I went with Slice of life Romance (with a dash of Drama) and most of these ships are my favorite and comfort ones. have not decided if any will be nsfw yet or not and some of these premises might change if I come up with better ones later but this is what I have for the first Challenge.

1.Shining Armor x Sombra- Putting back the pieces
Shining armor and Cadence discover a horrible truth about there relationship that shatters it completely leaving Shining a broken mess, but Sombra the former king might be just what he needs to put those pieces back together again.

2.Fancy Pants x Blueblood- The Best Aftermath ever
Takes place After " The Best Night ever" Blueblood after enjoying his time at the grand galloping gala returns home to his Husband to tell him all about it and things escalate from there.

3.Sorian x Thunderlane- A friendly bet
Sorian and Thunderlane have always been close and decided to have a friendly small bet between friends but what Thunderlane had in mind if he wins was not something Sorian would have ever expected...but was happy with never the less.

4. Cheese Sandwich x Sans Smirk- Seeing you Smile
Cheese Sandwich has seen many smiles in his life but none of them has never made him happier to see than the one from his assistant, and on a return back to the Factory he is finally ready to let him know that.

5. Big Mac x Featherbangs- Hard to Say Anything alternate take
An alternate story where Featherbangs falls head over heels for Big Mac and does whatever he can think of to impress him leading to many Hijinks between them occurs.

6.Hoops x Dumb-bell- Sleeping buddy
Dumbell has been having a hard time Sleeping lately and been coming to work tired all the time so Hoops decides that maybe having a Sleepover could help him get better rest, but Hoops has more on his mind than just Sleeping which leaves Dumbbell wondering why is he cuddling so close to him

7. Flash Sentry x Sunburst- Wizards and Guards
Sunburst couldn't help but stare, whenever the guard by the name of Flash sentry Came around. Sunburst always had a crush on him but was too timid to ask him but after an "unfortunate" encounter between them happens, their Relationship of Sunburst looking at him from a distance might just change.

8. Dr. Caballeron x Ahuizotl- Drunken Confessions
Caballeron and Ahuizotl are having their rare moments of downtime and are drinking cider together with the group but Caballeron goes a little overboard than normal and lets some things slip that completely changes the night for all of them

9. Party Favor x Double Diamond- Moving on too the Future
Party Favor sees Double Diamond is upset, he got caught up thinking about there past again and Party Favor will do everything he can to cheer him up but there is more too it than Party Favor thinks it is.

10. Garble x Fizzle- Poetry in motion
Garble has had a crush on fizzle for a long time, and when he is alone says a lot of different poetry about him out loud to himself to get his feelings out, but during one of those days a certain pink and white dragon overhears him, leading to much awkwardness

Bonus possible 11. Svengallop x Daunting Ship (oc)
Svengallop has noticed his assistant giving him strange glances now and again and decides to get to the bottom of it leading to a fun result between the two of them

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