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Personal Update · 10:27pm Aug 15th, 2020

Hey guys, long time no see.
So, as anybody who would take the time to read this blog no doubt noticed, I've been gone for awhile. Given the whole pandemic and thousands upon thousands of deaths, I feel it might actually be appropriate for me to say to everybody that I am still alive. A combination of factors had kept me from updating stories and such.

First reason, my employment had gone through a bit of a rough patch, leaving one job I hated for another that was supposed to be an improvement (less broken down equipment, consistent, full time hours, ideally competent management), but it turned out that was all a bunch of lies and it was vastly worse than the job I had previously, with less than half the hours promised, terrible training, and management that should never been in charge of people ever. While working it, I had been incredibly stressed and in no emotional state to really get much writing done, so I quit after two months back in January, knowing full well that the economy wasn't doing great and it may take a little while to find something else, and then Corona happened and things went from bad to worse, not being eligible for employment insurance and having practically no jobs around at all. I was, to put it mildly, stressed over my financial situation as well as the disease ravaging the world. I have since been able to find a job, it's actually full time and it appears to be going well, so hopefully that will provide me with a bit of stability and reduce some of the stress.

Second reason: I ended up playing World of Warcraft Classic and got in with a guild that does raids. I imagine anyone familiar with the property is aware of how big of a time sink that thing is.

Third was a bit of writer's block. The few times I actually sat down to write I was having a hard time getting it to work for me. This is something all writers experience, and you just have to power through it and hope you can fix the problem in the editing phase. I did manage to get some writing done today, so hopefully I can put that behind me for a little while.

Fourth is one that happens anytime I go a larger period of time without updating stories, I get nervous that I've disappointed my readers and am scared to show my face around here. Well, I showed my face, and as always it's not as bad as my overactive imagination fears. I even came back to find another request to translate one of my stories. I'm still amazed any time I see one of those requests in my inbox. Amazed and flattered.

Anyway, I'm setting myself a tentative goal to have the next chapter of Chrysalis: Savior of Time posted by the end of August. I don't know if I'll succeed, but we'll see how it goes.

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I know how much time playing World of Warcraft takes up. Are you interested in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion? I know I am even though I don't play it anymore.

I am certainly going to give it a try. I imagine I'll do what I usually do with new expansions: play for a couple of months, disappear until late in the expansion and play again until a couple months into whatever comes after Shadowlands. Regardless of my intentions, it seems like that's been what happens since Mists of Pandaria. Cataclysm wasn't much better for that, though I played significantly longer than a couple months into it before leaving until the end of it. Ignoring Classic where I somehow wound up in a raiding guild, I haven't been in a solid guild or done any raiding since Wrath of the LIch King. I've barely even done dungeons, and I think if you exclude the Deathwing raid at the end of Cata, I've used raid finder twice.

Ok. How much do you know about Shadowlands? There is a question I want to ask you but its related to the four things you can choose to be a part of when you hit max level.

I'm aware of the covenants, and I assume those are what you speak of. I haven't pored over the details, but I have some basic knowledge. 4 different factions of the shadowlands you can align yourself with, gaining cosmetic armour sets, covenant abilities, I think some unique quests/dailies/hubs, and other miscellaneous things.

Yes, the Covenants are what I am talking about. I hope you have fun when the game comes out.

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