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WhinnyCity 2020 Online Reflections · 7:01pm Jul 24th, 2020

WhinnyCity Pony Con 2020 Online Reflections

As I have done with physical conventions, I have decided to make a reflections post for WCPC 2020 Online. I have looked at online Pony Cons before, but this is the first one I spent a significant amount of time at. It is a different experience from physical conventions for sure, and I will get more into those differences at the end. As I have done with my BronyCon and Ciderfest entries, I am going to go in order of each day what activities I attended followed up by overall thoughts.


While this convention was free, you had the option of buying a physical badge for $25 (referred to as the Smile badge), so when I woke up on Friday I bought a Smile Badge for myself. The first panel I attended was “Captions Against Equestria!” It was a fun panel. I wish I had come up with better captions though. How the panel worked was the MC would post a picture and we, the audience, would come up with a caption for the image and type it in the chat.

After that, I saw a couple of performances at the Friday BASSBALL Concert. I saw Rod Steven first. He performed some cool remixes. My favorite was when he combined “Old Town Road” and “Apples to the Core.” I saw The Wonderbolts perform after that. Galen is a really talented artist.


First panel I saw on Saturday was “(MLP) in real life.” It was a very informative panel where we got to see how to make MLP in Real Life videos using Adobe After Effects.

I did most of my vendor hall shopping on Saturday. I bought a Double Diamond plush from Fleece Friendship, pre-ordered a WCPC 2020 t-shirt from the con store, and ordered an NSFW Thunderlane daki from Ruef-n-beeb.


Caught a little bit of “Pub-Style Pony Trivia” before going to see “Community Guest & Musician Group Q&A.” It was pretty interesting hearing the guests talk about a variety of topics. I attended Closing Ceremonies where I found out that WCPC will return in 2021 in Schaumburg and that Ciderfest was still going to be held in 2020 in Milwaukee, but at limited capacity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had fun at this con, but it was definitely different from being at a physical convention. I didn’t feel as immersed at this convention like I am at a physical one because I was at home instead of at a hotel. One of the benefits of going to a physical con is being able to be around your fellow MLP fans in real life. You miss out on this with an online con. I miss physical cons and I hope to go to one again someday once this pandemic is over. I still had fun at WCPC 2020 Online though and I would do it again if I could.

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