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Quick Story Idea? · 1:56am Jul 17th, 2020

Hi, folks,

With Whinny over, I'm sitting on a near-complete chapter of Sensation: Appleloosa, but I want to do a quick one-shot to get myself back in the writing habit.

Anyone got any stories they particularly want to read about?

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NB Big Mac exploring what gender means to them with the support of Sugar Belle, their loving wife.

Twilight Sparkle encountering outdated sex ed policies as they relate to the friendship school, knowing they're wrong, and not knowing how to solve them because she grew up under the old system and didn't know what parts of her anatomy were even called until she was an adult, so she turns to [someone] for advice. Featuring GalBar as a background/secondary element adding tension and immediacy to the situation because [vague and nebulous actions of the forces of conservatism].

Minuette dies. Again. She's getting really jaded about the whole situation.

Count Caesar wills everything to his lover. It's not clear if he can do that, legally. Twilight intervenes. Amazingly, she doesn't shoot friendship lasers at everyone involved, but it's a close thing.

These are some fun ones! Might have to do one of these or incorporate some elements at the very least.

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