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    October 10th

    Lots of things happened on this day.

    In 732, Frankish king Charles Martel defeated an Umayyad army at the Battle of Tours.

    In 1846, Triton, Neptune's largest moon, was discovered by English astronomer William Lassell.

    In 1928, Chiang Kai-Shek became the Chairman of the Republic of China.

    In 1970, Fiji gained it's independence from the United Kingdom.

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It's The 4th of July! · 3:46pm Jul 4th, 2020

So for those who are American, happy American Independence Day! For those who aren't American, happy Day! For those who are British, see below:

We hold these truths to be self evident, that America is the best country in America and probably the world, that burgers and fries are infinitely superior to fish and chips, and that tea tastes best when brewed in Boston Harbor. That the British Isles have no business running our affairs from an ocean away, and that, when you think about it, they are really just an uppity part of France.

Therefore, we declare that today is Independence Day. What are you going to do about it?

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that burgers and fries are infinitely superior to fish and chips

That's the only bit in that statement that I agree with.

Also, how dare you compare us to France (even though I like the French)!

William the Conqueror was French, and every English/British monarch ever can trace their ancestry back to him, the medieval Kingdom of England used a dialect of French in law and administration, English common law still uses a lot of French terms, and the kings of England/Great Britain claimed the French throne until 1801.

Admit it, Britain's just another part of France. :rainbowlaugh:


Ah, but before William the Conqueror, there were the Anglo Saxons and...maybe the Celts. Plus, French isn't the only language used in English common law (I think). There might be some Latin phrases in there.

that America is the best country in America and probably the world,

Canada: Oh, that's hilarious! Don't get ahead of yourself..

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