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Let's Do A Tally! · 3:52pm Jun 30th, 2020

So... June's over. That means one thing for me: time to tally up the number of words I wrote in June!
Oh, and before that, I'd like to thank Holy for inspiring me to start this word count. I decided that doing this word count would add another drive in my writing. So, let's get right into it!

June 1st: 864
June 2nd: 591
June 3rd: 78
June 4th: 264
June 5th: 83
June 6th: 2
June 7th: 27
June 8th: 1
June 9th: 157
June 10th: 573
June 11th: 1150
June 12th: 47
June 13th: 0
June 14th: 7
June 15th: 0
June 16th: 767
June 17th: 0
June 18th: 597
June 19th: 30
June 20th: 0
June 21st: 9
June 22nd: 258
June 23rd: 217
June 24th: 566
June 25th: 23
June 26th: 37
June 27th: 0
June 28th: 7
June 29th: 4
June 30th: 944

Total: 7303

...well, that's kinda disappointing. Only around 243.5 words per day.

Come on, Sunlight, we both know that you can do better.

I know, Twi, no need to remind me of that.
But yeah, I need to manage my time better than this. Like, seriously, only 240 words per day when I can do over 1000 at my best? Even putting into account the fact that I'm a high school student isn't an excuse for this. Although writer's block certainly is. Having a writer's block is certainly a valid excuse.

*sigh* I need to do better than this in July. I hope I do.

SunlightRays out.

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