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Setting up SubscribeStar and a Discord server! · 10:16pm June 27th

Hello followers, new and old, and anyone else who happens upon this post!

Click the image to go to my SubscribeStar profile.

I'm excited (and more than a little intimidated...:unsuresweetie: ) to announce that I'm launching a SubscribeStar profile!

I'm also going to trial offering bi-monthly commissions to higher-tier subscribers. That tier is highly limited (max of 3) since I don't know how much writing i'm going to be able to do once my online classes start up in a little over a week. (I'm aware doing a bi-monthly thing for something that's a monthly charge is super awkward, but I don't want to make it a monthly promise that I know I won't be able to cash. This may change in the future, though, once I have a better grasp on how quickly I can write a commissioned story.)

Click the image for the invite link.

Along with that, though, I'm also launching a Discord server where people can hang out, chat with each other, and talk about my stories! It's also where subscribers can talk to me about the WIP chapters hosted on the private GDrive, and offer suggestions, corrections, and advice.

I hope to see you there!

Please stand by for more story updates on Into the Woods and Getting the Vapors, as soon as I can get around to writing them.

~ ArDee :rainbowwild:

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