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    Need Some Help

    Hey Guys, I know it's been a while, but I promise that I've been working a lot on my stories, but I feel like something is missing on a few of them. That is why, I'm asking for one of my fans to contact me about making some cover art for my stories, the first is Little Dragon Day Care, the second is Every Journey. I want to finally get them some art and with school starting again, I'm trying to

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    Hey guys, got great news. 200 followers! Thank you all for the support and feedback on my stories.

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    Hey guys I’m looking for a video of a hasbro ad with Spike at the center dressed in a space suits. It was a fake ad, but I’ve been looking for it for a long time. I remember seeing in the for authors note of a story, but I don’t know who’s so if you know who wrote the story or can find the original please post here.

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    Hey Dragon's Mothers is up now, go check it out.

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    Hey everyone, as many of you know, I said that I was only three chapters away from finishing Dragon Mommies, it was published on October 4th 2019, and I've decided to finish it up on my 23rd birthday June 13th. So I just wanted everyone to be ready for it. But on that note, I have decided on something else, Dragon Mothers will be released the first week I go back to school in the fall. So

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Sequel is up · 6:21pm June 21st

Hey Dragon's Mothers is up now, go check it out.

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Comments ( 15 )

It's pretty good start. (Chuckling)

Thanks Wrex, but so far it looks like not many people are into it

Give it time. Once you'll get to the funny stuff, then it'll be a winner.

Yeah, thanks Wrex.

Besides, the more of the fans of the old story see this, the more that number will change.

No problem, buddy. And let me know if I can be of any help, boss.

Actually, I need a little refresher on the Talons, I need scale colors, eye color, and if you can, can I get some names that the humans would know them as, Like I did Sinacore as the Mountain Mover, becasue he ate the peak of Mount Everest, causing it to collapse and move most of the mountain.

I can leave the body designs up to you. But I can give you a base to work with.
Lavascales: toughest and most seasoned warior. Scars littered his body. Missing left eye. Tough enough to take a direct contact from a mortar shell. Goes by the title 'Unkillable'
Firemind: Rune patterns all over his body. Scrawny, weak by Dragon standards. Married to Bahamut's assistant. Goes by the title 'All-Knowing'
Jewelcut: Goes by 'Deathbeauty'.

Should that suffice?

Yeah but jewels is a little much mind if I change it?

That’s better

Sorry about the first one. Think I've been watching too many Apocalypse movies.

Sorry about what I said. I'm still at the part where Pinkie is being brought home.

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