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    And the OP is just barely started, really.

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"Plane Crazy 2", the Kerbalcidal death trap I failed to fly on Monday. · 2:20am June 11th

For those of you who play Kerbal Space Program and saw Monday's stream, this is the single-seater plane that killed two kerbals in about three minutes and never got farther than the end of the KSP runway. It was that bad.

I invite you to try it yourselves and give feedback, though my personal guess is it was a combination of inadequate lift, tail-heavy, and pilot error.


(To play it, drop this file into the SHIPS/SPH folder of a game save in KSP.)

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Comments ( 20 )

What version of KSP are you in? this won't load on the latest version.

Can you post a picture of the craft?

5282261 1.9.1 with Making History DLC.


Huh, maybe my DLC didn’t install right then? Wouldn’t be the first time :facehoof:


Okay, just from watching that first bit I can already tell you what’s wrong!

To much weight in the rear of the plane, for one. That’s why it is doing a back flip.

Two, your rotation axis (the wheels) are not even with your Center of lift. That’s why you are having issues with rotation of the craft to take off.

Three, TO MANY lift surfaces! This tends to happen... ah how to say, Fix an issue with another issue? Yeah we’ll go with that.

Fix those and you will be a bit better off.

Also your wings are to far forward!

Rule of thumb for planes: your lift has to be just slightly behind your center of mass, your center of thrust can’t exceed further back than half the total length of your craft past center of mass.

On another note, loose the Nuclear engine. It’s way to heavy and an Aerospike (you should have them by now) engine is far more efficient.

This .. this is why i love the youtube vidz cause eu vs us timezone..

5282292 I was using the nuke so I wouldn't have to carry oxidizer.


Weight wise, it’s more effective and efficient to carry Oxi. This is mostly due to how little you need to run a vacuum engine, most engines have a 2/1 ratio so effectively you are sacrificing maybe half a ton more weight for nearly three times more thrust.

Also, Nuclear engines don’t effectively work until you hit solid vacuum.

Compare a LF/Ox tank to a Nuclear engine in weight and you will see what I mean XD

5282307 Have you been watching the edited versions on YouTube, then?

Which would you prefer- the editing I'm doing now, a much tighter edit, or unedited as-it-was-cast?

i'd say do it like you do it now, maybe a bit longer than a hour, not more than 2 .. but thats just my opinion.

Can’t help with diagnosing the plane as I don’t play KSP, but gotta say that watching the clip of the plane nosediving really makes me want to tune into the stream. :pinkiehappy:


You will be happy to know I fixed your Plane and by the Goddess, Does she fly now! I managed an Orbital Hop of 39,000 feet!

Though to Fix her I had to shorten and Streamline her and remove a fuel tank. But ecstatically she is the same!

5283061 um... 39,000 meters isn't even trans-atmospheric in KSP...

Anyway, I realized another thing; once I got out of atmosphere, I would have had no end of center-of-thrust issues with that imbalanced nuke engine. I should have just made the thing in line with the two air-breathers if I used it at all.


Fixed that issue too!

39km puts you out of Atmo, 60km and above is needed to orbit.

5284428 No, trust me on this. Atmosphere goes up to 70K. It's thin, but it's there.


Did they change it at one point? It used to be that 60k and above was considered “out of atmosphere” with Geosynchronous being around 110-120k. 39-40k would put you JUST inside The “Orbital Hop” area.

Hmm, maybe need to update my knowledge then.

On a side note, do you have access to Raipers in your campaign yet?

5284480 It's been that way for a long time. And 120K meters is still low orbit. Geosynch orbit for Kerbin is about 1,580 km, or 1,580,000 meters.


.......wow my info is well out of date, then again I have been playing since V0.8 so I can’t say I am surprised :facehoof:

But regardless, I will try and post a picture of the fixed Plane Crazy 2(.2) later.

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