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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!

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    Old Stories

    They say that everything old is new again. Sometimes that's true, I think.

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    G5 - Where is Sunny's Mom?

    Where, indeed, is Sunny's mother? We see Argyle, her dad, and the movie very strongly implies he's dead -- or has been missing for years, presumed dead -- but there's no sign of her mother anywhere.

    Similarly, Sprout's mother Phyllis features prominently, but there's no sign of his father.

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    Dune - go see it

    What the title says, basically. The new Dune movie is seriously good, and if you like Dune, or sweeping SF epics in general, you should go see it, preferably on the biggest screen you can. It's gorgeous! The movie follows the book much better than the Lynch film did, and lets the environment play a big role, as is fitting.

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    Just in case it needs to be said:

    If you haven't already, go get vaccinated against Covid-19, ASAP. The vaccines are safe and they work.

    Do not try any of the purported "cures" like hydroxichloroquin or, sigh, ivermectin.

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  • 131 weeks
    In case it wasn't obvious yet...

    No, I do not want Nazis in this fandom.

    I don't want stories about cutesy Nazi OCs, who exist to give "ironic" cover to actual Nazis and racists, and to normalize Nazi presence in MLP fandom.

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Black Lives Matter · 6:52am Jun 5th, 2020

As a pasty-white European from a country with its own racist issues (though, thankfully, a vastly better police force), I feel a bit like an intruder if I talk about the current wave of protests against police violence and racism in the US.

But I can agree with the post title, and share it with you, in a small show of solidarity: Black Lives Matter.

And if anyone tries to be "clever" with All Lives Matter, well, here's what you're doing:

Source: https://chainsawsuit.com/comic/2016/07/07/all-houses-matter-the-extended-cut/

Comments ( 2 )

See? That is the problem with the BLM activists. You all think that being white is means that our "house" is a flawless, beautyful, perfect building.
We know how is it feels to be treated different from others by a thing we cannot change.

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