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    Equestria's Sun... FOUND?!

    So, what if Equestria's Sun is actually a tiny white dwarf? This one is just a little larger than our Moon, and would be a perfect size to be able to pull around a planet in a tight orbit.


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    The crossover that will destroy the universe...

    Every now and then, the madness accumulates to a tipping point, and the craziest ideas bob up to the surface.

    This has resulted in all sorts of ridiculous crossover ideas that cause great pain as people double over from the impact of incessant puns.

    And now, the worst of the worst has spurted out messily from my brainspace to sully the world with its abominable concept.

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    Another block by another coward who's wrong about war

    I do so love when people block me for making point they clearly can't offer a rational argument against.

    Since the 1950's, the only 2 wars the US has won were BOTH against Saddam Hussein, because he was a complete psycho braggart not even his elite troops were willing to die for. And even that turned into a mess.

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    How to make your audience bawl their eyes out... ;3

    I've been musing a certain scene I'd come up with for some time in the final part of a Pony trilogy of movies I first conjured around 2014. Character deaths have to be handled properly when they're central to the plot, the impact needs to be considered.

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    The long lion video.

    I finally got around to converting the bigger video of my last trip to Lujan Zoo, and Allan the lion. His two sons were in there as well. You can see that Allan really likes being petted. At one point he shifted to lean against me and I could really feel how massive he was. Such a big snuggly lion!

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Prophecy given to a humbled man, trembling before God · 3:37pm Jun 3rd, 2020

There were specific signs put into place. One was given to me in a dream when I was a teenager: a sky would be discovered with 7 planets of various colors orbiting very close to one another, with a dull red sun. I saw this over the course of 7 weeks, one dream each week... one more planet appeared in a surreal sky of perpetual red twilight each night until there were 7. This discovery would be a harbinger of a great transformation. Trappist-1 was found just a few years ago. 7 planets which will be of various colors in tight orbit around a red dwarf star. Let me tell you, I got chills when the discovery was announced.

For over 25 years I'd pondered those dreams' meaning. I didn't think they could be literal, as it was believed at the time that such a system of planets was impossible, and red dwarfs were thought to be too metal-poor to host many planets. I assumed it was a metaphor for something. And then the system was announced. 7 roughly Earth-sized planets in a perfect resonance orbiting so tightly together even now astronomers are struggling to understand how it formed. I was utterly dumbfounded. At last, the dreams made sense.

I was given another dream last night, so very clear and impacting... two rioters were chasing a man. They were about to shoot him, but then they all stopped, the rioter with the gun handed it to the man they were chasing and he threw it down. Then they began to talk and clasped hands together. It would take place after a terrible event, which I was not shown, only mentioned by the 3 as 'that horrible thing'.

Something is going to happen which will shock everyone and make everyone reassess what they're doing. And it will happen soon. The dream took place around this time, from the setting and weather, and clothing worn in the dream.

I don't know what your believe in terms of religion, but I prayed more intensely than I have in years last night, begging to know what I must do. And then this dream came. It's crucial that I tell people to prepare themselves and know that this was ordained. Those who are evil are going to have all their restraints stripped from them, so that there can be no doubt in any minds. Then we must choose with path to follow. The dream says that peace can happen, but only if we speak with those willing to listen, and some of those will be among the ones currently rioting. Some eyes will be opened by the terrible event. It is only then that we'll have the opportunity to end this madness.

I'm no perfect person, and I claim to be only as a self-deprecating farce. But I know God can use anyone to spread the word when they put themselves at His service. This was the task set to me, a silly brony biologist.

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His Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Kyrie Eleison, Theotokos soson e ma.

It is a time of convergence and prophesy, the world is in a state of flux and the outcomes are impossible to predict. I'm not saying it's the end times, but there will be a great upheaval. The signs are there for those who look to see them. The world as we know it is breaking and cannot be healed.

A red star on the horizon as the sun sets above a forest of steel, and then everything changes.

Dream visions are potent things, yet also more common than one would think. I personally have very literal ones, where I dream the exact situation with the exact people weeks or months before it actually happens. It's especially trippy when the people in them are people I haven't met yet, because when I meet them I recognize them. Between that and some other stuff, I kinda fell hard into esoteric spirituality and occultism. It's pretty fucking scary sometimes. Knowing that a person is going to die or be seriously injured a week before it actually occurs... I hate it. But at the same time I love some of it too...

5275448 There will be one unmistakable sign of the LAST last days: Revelations 8 describes what is quite clearly an impact from a massive asteroid that wipes out a third of EVERYTHING.

I think we'll figure that one out pretty quickly when it comes... if we're among the survivors!

5275448 I know the feeling, but it's been very useful.

I had gotten the urging some years ago to visit our family's great-aunt whom we'd been very close to. She'd developed Alzheimer's and was fading slowly away in a nursing home and had been mostly sleeping the other times we went to visit. The urge was very powerful, relentless and insistent. So I got the family together and we went to see her that weekend. She was fairly wide awake and more lucid than she'd been in months, and was so happy to see us all.

It was either 2 or 3 days later, she died.

It was then that I was absolutely certain that there were times I was being given important messages, and that if I didn't act when the urgency was great, then I would regret later.

Yeah... I don't consider God to be a being, so much as a concept. I follow the hermetic principles as far as my spiritual beliefs. That said, there is a lot of shit out there in this wild world, so being passed messages isn't too out there. Personally though, I think personal intuition is a lot stronger than most people give credit for, it's just that most people don't actually realize their intuition is screaming at them most times because they lost their sense of childlike wonder towards the world.

5277517 Intuition could not have given me a dream about a specific star system that astronomical models at the time declared could not even exist, 25 years before its discovery.

You see, one thing I often prayed for was a vision that COULD NOT be explained by any other way that deliberate divine revelation.

There is no other way to explain that sequence of dreams.

In the same way, Revelations 8 describes what can only be a vision of a massive asteroid impact that destroys a third of the world in the end times. Only divine influence can explain how a person 2,000 years ago saw something that was beyond the imaginations or comprehension of anyone at the time. A mountain burning with fire, and a star burning as a lamp (flickering, with a tail of flame) falling into the sea and the waters. A twin vision. Those sorts of vision were explained all the way back in Genesis, with the dreams of the Pharaoh interpreted by Joseph. A repeated theme in a dream prophecy was one that was UNALTERABLE. No action taken would prevent it.

Now, with that in mind... the dreams I were given happened SEVEN times, spread out over SEVEN weeks, adding one planet at a time to the sky. That's as deliberate as it gets, and says that what is coming is going to be TITANIC and UNSTOPPABLE.

I guess I didn't really explain my views on what intuition actually is. But to explain that, I'd have to explain the concept of the Higher Self, the All, and God.

Basically, God is the All. The All is literally that, All. And the Higher Self is yourself unified with the All; yourself-as-all-as-god if you will. It is that simple, but the implications are fairly deep.

Intuition is when you get flashes of information/knowledge from your higher self. It manifests as gut feelings and dreams usually, but there are other ways it can manifest too, such as certain forms of divinatory practices. Basically, It's borderline instinctual, but it's also not. As far as dream-visions (as I call them), they do often seem to be delivered in ways that stand out from normal dreams.

That's just my understanding of things as a practitioner of Hermetic philosophy and the esoteric arts.

5277608 Ah, got it. I was only thinking of the typical definition of intuition: basically, making instinctive guesses or decisions based on available evidence either consciously or subconsciously.

In any case, keep your head down tonight. Something is going to happen.

I have no idea what, but not only myself, but several other people I know who are into various esoteric practices have all be having shit come up that something fundamental is going to change tonight. Whether it bodes good or ill has yet to be determined.

Stay safe.

5278550 We shall see. I too warned that something terrible was coming. Antifa is going to do something absolutely horrific. Perhaps we're all being warned at once. I wasn't given a specific time, likely because causal circumstances and personal choice still were variables.

But, Project Veritas exposed Antifa's inner workings, and it was broadcast on national television tonight.

I suspect this will be the trigger for them to lash out savagely.

I'm still waiting to see what happened, but something did happen last night.

And I saw the Project Veritas stuff when they posted it. I agree that Antifa will most likely get even more violent.

Not only that, with how crazy everything is getting, even Tim "milktoast" Pool is getting a gun. Trump is considering sending in the military to quell the riots. The media keeps claiming it's all about racism and race tensions. And there's a lot of other stuff running under the radar that nobody is seeing.

5279115 Many black people in the cities are coming out AGAINST the looters and rioters now. Support for sending the military in is RISING, even among Democrats.

Americans do not like rioters. It becomes very obvious to the majority after about a week that it has NOTHING to do with the original protests. Then sentiment swings wildly.

5279115 I believe speaking out and getting enough others to be watchful has stopped the major event. Antifa fears they have other informants in their midst now. They don't believe in God, or prophecy, but they DO believe they've been infiltrated and these warnings we spread all over have made them think spies are everywhere within their ranks.

As with Jonah, our warnings made them pull back. They'll become more paranoid and unstable. Now, when they do lash out, it will likely hurt only them.

As I said, many prophecies are conditional on people heeding the warnings. Those that are repeated are the ones that are absolutely fixed. We can be sure that the left will attack violently at some point, but far fewer innocents will be caught up in the destruction now.


5279115 I believe speaking out and getting enough others to be watchful has stopped the major event. Antifa fears they have other informants in their midst now. They don't believe in God, or prophecy, but they DO believe they've been infiltrated and these warnings we spread all over have made them think spies are everywhere within their ranks.

As with Jonah, our warnings made them pull back. They'll become more paranoid and unstable. Now, when they do lash out, it will likely hurt only them.

As I said, many prophecies are conditional on people heeding the warnings. Those that are repeated are the ones that are absolutely fixed. We can be sure that the left will attack violently at some point, but far fewer innocents will be caught up in the destruction now.

No, something did indeed happen, but I'm not entirely certain what. As I said, it was something small that will start something big.

The world has been feeling different since that night.

5280949 Ah, we may have been getting hints of different things.

BLM has suddenly become a major force since that day. Democrats and corporations are physically bowing to them.

I see in them the seeds of the Fourth Reich, antisemitism and all. All of it based on past wrongs, real or imagined; violence to justify what they are 'owed' and little by little I hear from them the beginning promotion of racial supremacy.

They will unite with China and Iran if they succeed, and the Axis shall rise once more.

What I felt was something different entirely, a small chance of avoiding it, but the conditions must be right, and we must help set them. Cause and effect. I am warning all those that I can, so they're ready to act when the abomination is undertaken by the most wicked in their ranks.


we may have been getting hints of different things

Or we were getting hints of the same thing. There will be a reckoning if these groups gain any more power, or if they abuse their power any more than they already have. Truths are starting to come out, and the world is changing faster than ever. It will not be a bloodless transition, and those groups will likely fall from their own hubris at the hands of those who cry No More!

Oh? For the sake of clarity, how have you reached this conclusion?

5281261 Simply from the history of how the 3rd arose, and the necessity of shared goals when the rest of the world has begun to wisen up.

Almost all of Southeast Asia is uniting staunchly against China, whose list of allies is now minuscule. Antifa and BLM, even with total Dem support, are too unpredictable and undisciplined a force to be relied on for maintaining control.

If the Dems win, they'll need trained footsoldiers to suppress uprisings which will no doubt erupt as their 'brownshirts' begin terrorizing the country. They may be useful for the cult mentality, but in an actual fight, they're completely useless. One armed person willing to open fire has, as we've already seen, sent a crowd of them running. They're not warriors. They're driven by blind rage and insane paranoia, which weakens them even further in a fight.

And, considering the sheer number of financial ties between China and the Democrat Party (Biden's billion for Hunter is just the biggest and most overt pay-off) , and the Chinese spies being found on a regular basis, it's more the obvious to anyone with even a minor understanding of counter-intelligence who's really calling the shots.

5281250 Malaysia and Indonesia have joined India, Australia, and the Philippines in directly opposing China. If Japan and South Korea join in, China is completely surrounded.

China is hemorrhaging money far more severely than I'd hoped! Their exports have fallen 35%, and it looks like their economic contraction this quarter will be even worse than the previous one of over 6% down, which was the first contraction they'd had since 1976. Economic inequality is also now coming to light, and China itself is trying to plead 'poverty' as it falters. 60% of their country barely makes 20,000 yuan a year (only $2,800), meanwhile they have a number of billionaires, meaning CHINA has the greatest economic disparity in the world.

Matters ARE being forced at a high rate of speed. I can only hope that this will lead the conspirators to make a staggering mistake in their rage and impatience.

The evils that currently rule the world were there long before WW2, WW2 was merely them defeating their major ennemies at the time. If the Axis reforms, it will be AGAINST them, for they never were the axis in the first place.
In other words, no matter what you think of the Axis and their supposed crimes, they fought against those who have worked for world conquest for centuries. And if they return, it will be as allies.

When it comes to modern forces, the most interresting one to me is what i consider to be the greatest wildcard: China.
China is not a good country, but at the same time they seems to want to protect themselves, against those who seek the world. They are more or less the lesser of two evils. Their actions in the coming years will mean a lot to the world.

5281663 Oh goodness me, no. As angry as I am right now, your comment almost had me falling off my seat in laughter.

China is the most vile nation on Earth. They're currently interning a million people. They have forced labor camps. They routinely fund massive disinformation campaigns, seize territory, invaded TIBET (a harmless, poor, pacifistic nation which was no threat to anyone), murdered 100 million of their own people in the Maoist purges. They punish opinions, censor everything, jailed doctors who warned the world about Covid.

Hell, they CREATED Covid and deliberately helped spread it by allowing international travel from Wuhan while BANNING anyone from Wuhan from traveling anywhere else in China.

That's absolute fact and about as F'ing deliberate an action as it gets!

They are as evil as the Soviets, if not more. They're genocidal, xenophobic, hyper-imperialist, as well as now having been outed as having the most severe economic inequality in the world, with 60% of their population living on US $2600 annually, while the 1% in China have more than 41% of the wealth. That's up significantly from 33% in just 2017.

In comparison, in the USA in 2019 (demonized like hell by the leftwing media), the top 1% held 32%. Not exactly equitable, but at 9% lower than China's mega-rich share... one would think China would attract far more ire from the media than... pretty much none.

See, I don't know who's teaching you this stuff, but it's VERY easy for me, someone who studied a little of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING all on my own, to tear it apart with nothing but my own general knowledge of the subject.

As for the literal Nazis... frankly every single one of them at the Nuremberg trial should have hung. I judge on ACTIONS. Not words and names. Titles are meaningless, as they can be changed on a whim. Actions... those are impossible to hide when the light is shown upon them.

DId you even actually read what i said?

I said: China is the lesser of two evils.
Not: China is Bae we need to take their example.

Note: i also said they were a wildcard.
-Either they will lend their strength against the true enemy so they can stay independent from them.
-Either they will ally with them and we are screwed.

5282044 They'll do nothing. They know they don't have to. A USA run by these radical communists will be utterly broken and helpless. They're absolutely no threat to the rest of the world.

China will demand the USA eliminate all its missiles and the left will bow and agree without question. Then China invades with whomever they decide to, and it's over.

The only consolation will be that China will exterminate the leftist idiots, as it knows they'll be useless for slave labor.

The threat does not come from communism, it comes from luciferianism.

You said that china was xenophobic? well one of the goals luciferians have is the destruction of all nations, races, religions and languages, surely China, if they care about themselves so much, will oppose that right? I doubt they are stupid enough to think they will somehow be spared.

5282671 Self-delusion leads to self-destruction.

They don't believe in any god or force of goodness or morality at all. The CCP is atheist, which is the EASIEST system of non-belief to lead to ruin. Everything become a morass of random ethics, which change at the whims of power, and soon vanish entirely as everyone at the top battles for the biggest share of the spoils. Eventually, it decays into the de-facto dictatorship China finds itself in now.

And, like the USSR before it, China is now beginning to collapse... after 70 years of the current party control... the same as the USSR, and as predicted by myself and many others. It went through almost exactly the same phases, if you care to look through the history of both countries.

I am unsure how all of this answers what i said.

You do realise luciferians are here and not in China right?

Edit: Reread it a few hours later and now i better see what you meant, my bad.

Unless Hong Kong somehow start a civil war i don't think china will collapse for at least the next 10 years, and 10 years is more than enough time for the current shit we are in to explode in our faces (aka china will still be there when shits happens). And even if communism is self-destructive, nationalist communism, unlike international communism, at least tries to have self-preservation. Even if the Chinese Communist Party truly is self-destructive, it isn't their goal to be, so once again i doubt they will ally with someone who wants their entire nation gone.

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