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Depth in Innocence contest: one month remains! · 11:49am June 1st

Those of you who have signed up for the Depth in Innocence contest, this is for you.

It is currently June 1st, as of writing this post. The deadline for this contest is July 1st. You have exactly one month to finish your stories and submit them to the group. It's not quite crunch time, but you might wanna start thinking about hurrying your submissions.

-GM, master of THE MONTH.

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Comments ( 10 )

“This thread?” Don’t you mean the group?

uh, yes, whoops.

Oh. Right. That. :twilightsheepish:

Given how I just started a month-long story-a-day personal challenge, probably not going to be able to get in something by the deadline.

I assume this is a dumb question, but is there any greater-than-zero chance the submission deadline might end up extended? My keyboard broke yesterday, and at this point it looks like I probably won't be able to get a replacement between now and Friday, so it seems pretty unlikely that I'll be able to finish by the original target date. I'm not giving up yet, of course, but it'd be good to know if I'll need to plan on gutting content to have any hope of possibly compensating for the lost writing time.

Due to strenuous circumstances, I can extend the submission date for you--and only you. Give yourself an extra seven days. This does not apply to any other entrants.

-GM, master of keyboards.

I need to know if you're still working on your story or not. You still have the week extension--but if you don't think that'll be enough, I don't want to keep the other contestants waiting for the results.

-GM, master of resultus.

I am still working, but realistically speaking I doubt I'll make it, since it was already something of a toss-up even before the interruption killed my momentum. How about a conditional withdrawal: if you've already finished with all the other stories and I haven't provided you with a completed entry or proof thereof, feel free to count me as formally pulling out of the contest and publish the results. (And yes, that's even if you've already finished all the rest as I'm posting this.) Hopefully that would be sufficient to guarantee no one else has to wait on me without completely shutting out the possibility of a miraculous comeback.

And either way, thanks for running the contest! Even if/when I don't manage to make it in this time, I did still make some significant progress on a story I'd been wanting to write anyway, so I count that as a success. Hopefully there'll be another contest at some point for me to take another shot at.

I'm not done yet -- but I will be done tomorow. There aren't many stories left to read and grade, though some are sitting in the moderation Q. I'll let you know.

-GM, master of mice.

I have now finished reading and am assembling the results to the contest now. Here's to hoping you can still publish that story anyway!

-GM, master of keyboards.

...please disregard last message, one of the previosly disqualified "incomplete" stories just finished. :facehoof: Or, well, I just nocied it did, and it is within the final limit. So I guess I'm not done reading them all yet.

I'll get back to you in 41k words. Sorry about all this confusion.

-GM, master of TODAY.

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