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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Today
    Pony Life (Growing Fluttershy)

    Have the writers of this show of been secretly reading Bendyfics or something? This might be a redeeming quality to this show, I may watch it.

    8 comments · 47 views
  • Saturday
    Anyone like cheesy Bad Guys?

    As in characters who are basically pure evil and have no real redeeming qualities whatsoever. Yes, I know it's not realistic (at least most of the time). But sometimes, I want a cheesy bad guy.

    A perfect example would be the Dark Lord Sauron. There aren't really any shades of grey to this character. He is pretty hard to add shades of grey to a character who wants to bend all life to his will.

    10 comments · 71 views
  • 1 week
    Team America Movie

    Do you think a movie like Team America could ever be made again?

    It's one of my favorite movies ever.

    10 comments · 61 views
  • 1 week
    Does canon really matter?

    Honestly, does canon really matter when it comes to fan fiction?

    Read More

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  • 2 weeks
    How Small Are The Pony Life Ponies?

    How small are the Pony Life Ponies? When compared to G4 Ponies?

    They seem ridiculously small. And Celestia seems so small. She seems to be about the same size as a normal pony. I find it to be heresy that Celestia is so small. She's a big horsey, not a small pony.

    5 comments · 78 views

Hoplite vs Legionary? · 6:45am May 29th

Which is the stronger unit? Not 1v1. As a group. Which of these two units do you like best in Rome Total War 1 and 2?

Hoplites were an ancient Greek form of heavy infantry. There were many forms of hoplites. There was the long pike infantry. Short medium spear infantry. And many others. A critical weakness of the phalanx formation was it had to stay in formation and was vulnerable to flanking. However, if the hoplites get support from heavy Thorax infantry and other flexible units such as cavalry the phalanx can become nearly unstoppable. The slow-moving, spiked wall of a phalanx made it very difficult for the enemy to get close to. Using cavalry against a phalanx was complete suicide if you attack it from the front.

The legionary is a great close-combat infantry of the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire. (unfortunately, the late Roman Empire abandoned them, either because they became ineffective or too costly, or something) They are heavy infantry but the ability to easily frank their enemies. The gladius is a great stabbing weapon and the scutum shield provides unparalleled protection. On top of that, they had the Pilum. A specialized tin tipped javelin was designed to break upon impact so the enemy could not use it back against you when they pull the broken javelin out of their fallen brother in arms.

The Greeks themselves had very good javelin infantry units and good shields, on the other hand. Now, the Romans didn't just fight with legionary, they would hire mercenaries and have auxiliary units. They will even swallow their pride sometimes and get barbarians to help them out.

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Comments ( 3 )

Hmmmmmmm the age old question I really have no idea.

Yeah, they are both pretty awesome units.

Gotta say the hoplite. Just put in a choke point in a spear wall and you'vepractically already won.

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