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Quick Question · 12:05am Apr 23rd, 2020

Hey gang, quick question.

As you know, I'm depicting Pinkie as being heavy-set in the Power Bimbos, and I'm going to have her plump up even more when she awakens. Much like with Twilight also "levelling up" when she awakens and transforms, Pinkie will get fatter in both instances. However I'm trying to figure out how much bigger I want to make her. I have her around this size at the start and then she'll be around this size when she's running around as Fillisecond. And then she'll be somewhere in-between these two sizes after she awakens.

So, after that preamble, my question to you guys is, what are your thoughts on a "Pudgier Pie"? How big should I make her? If you have any reference images for me to go by, feel free to share them.

Also, I'm going to try to get Bimbo Sparkle to draw human Pinkie as Fillisecond.

Comments ( 8 )

If you want my opinion do whatever you want to do the most, and personally I’m more interested in your witches story, because it’s more sexy and erotic

I like that idea myself, and wouldn't mind seeing her go a bit lager then even your examples.

The first one was already too pudgy for my tastes. Fatness is a turn off for me. :pinkiesick:

Eh, chubs aren't my kink. But you do you.

Im more of a hourglass type of guy, but to each their own. I feel that's the consensus amongst those against a fatness growth, want more Pinkie than Pie, want Pinkie to embrace the Apple side of herself than the Pie side, if you catch my drift. :P

I have a couple questions of my own. Shouldn't Pinkie, as a speedster, have a super fast metabolism? I'm fine with her being just a bit chubby in her awakened state, or somewhat the same as she was before she was awakened, but shouldn't that hyper fast metabolism kick in when she becomes fillisecond? Just a thought. I do enjoy both your stories, dude. So you have fun with it.

I, honestly don't think it works. I can see what you're going for, the fat chick is the speedster, but, I honestly think that fat being, 'transferred' to her breasts and ass, which they bounce around like crazy as Filli-Second might work better. Also, it doesn't fit the title of the story, Power Bimbos. Her being more like Pinkie from Annon's bimbo drawings I feel would work better.

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