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Was it the reference to COVID-19 or What? · 4:43pm Apr 19th, 2020

Why is this story failing so hard?

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It's not really failing. Right now, it's got more likes than dislikes.

It had 9 upvotes and 6 downvotes when I wrote this. This story's featured now and I've never seen such a dramatic change in fortunes on FimFiction in my life!

Edit: More upvotes than downvotes means nothing. Most votes are upvotes because bronies tend towards positivity and the story itself was written with positive tags/fetishes. It's not like a rape fic or something.

Honestly? The cover art probably isn't clickbaity enough. But hey, it got featured! That's something.

Edit: Also, the view counter doesn't update immediately. And not everyone who reads leaves a like. My story got 6k views and five per cent left a like. Them's the breaks.

Fertile Ground has almost 10k views and less than 300 likes. I know how it is. What has me hanging my head was the 9/6 ratio. That is "You screwed up bad" ratio. And then the whole thing just 180'd and now it's featured. I'm tempted to just delete this blog since it's an early call that winded up going the other way but I think I'm going to leave it for posterity. And as a reminder to myself that no matter how bad it looks things can still come around.

Edit: I should probably use cropped-from-porn artwork like the horse-famous crowd but it's just not me. I used this artwork because it fits the mood and narration.

You get the clop-haters leaving dislikes on reflex. I got one such example in the comment section of my latest story. The dislikes they leave aren't indicative of your work, it's just them being petty assholes. When big human cock first released, the ratio at the start was 6:4, then 12:8 until it exploded. You need not worry about the flinching dislikes of non-readers and haters. Just value every like you get. Those come from fans, people who like the content and more often than not people who actually have read what you created. If someone wants to truly tell you that you've done something wrong, they'll tell you in the comments. Those people usually have genuine criticism, and give examples. Unless you've done something intentionally bad take those dislikes with a grain of salt. You're a good writer. The fact you can get a clop fic featured without having to resort to typical tactics is proof of that. :twilightsmile:

That's very kind of you to say Jack! :heart:

I think BHC falls into the category of "reflex downvote" due to the name. People got mad because a story by that name featured in the first place and didn't bother to see if it was good or not. I may never know why my story got that initial wave of hate. Was it the COVID-19 reference? Your guess is as good as mine.

You're right though that it's nothing I should concern myself with.

Well, futanari gets reflex dislikes as well. That'd be my guess. I worked on a collab called project cafe and there was a commenter who told us outright that they disliked due to the prospect of zebradom. Futanari gets a lot of hate too.

I wrote zebradom as well and it's my most downvoted fic, though I admit that part of that was my fault for not executing the story a little better. I hadn't considered that futa would receive automatic hate but I suppose that does make sense.

Sorry, haven't read yet. Weekend eaten by sewing masks. I'll give it a look soonish. :twilightblush:

People view futa as being 'gay' and those that don't dislike it as it seems like a half-measure. I.E. if you're gonna have someone get dicked why not just have the dick on a stallion? That kinda thing. The negative backlash to it tends to come from people insecure about their own sexualities. Dick = gay. I'm not gay, so I must let people know about this. That type of response is what leads to people leaving the 'I hate futa' comment. Although I know people who dislike futa because it's perceived as overdone. Point is, you can't please everybody.

Zebra dom is disliked due to its racial undertones. I've done zebra stuff before but it's primarily been gay since straight stuff isn't what interests me with it. I also have more fun when the idea I'm doing is 'unique' in my head even if its probably not but please let me live in ignorance. Zebradom is also expected. Zebrasub? It's rare and more exotic, hence why all of my zebra content has the zebra be a bottom. Although in a collab with Deergenerate, the main three couples are an example of dom, sub and switch but I digress.

It has both futa and pregnancy. 2 things I love and I will read it soon. I dont understand why futa girls get so much hate

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