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BronyCon 2019 Final Thoughts · 7:56pm April 8th

BronyCon 2019 Final Thoughts

Looking back I think I put too much pressure on myself to try and do as much as I could since this was the last BronyCon. By Saturday night, I realized it was best to just relax and enjoy what I could do instead of worrying about what I couldn’t do. I hung out with a few friends at BC2019, but there is one friend I wish I would’ve hung out with or at least talked to, but I didn’t because I was being an idiot. I regret being so stupid.

I wish BronyCon was still here. I would have been fine with it moving to a smaller venue. If 2019 had been just another year, the con probably would not have been so crowded and the smaller space would have been less of an issue. If we had the same amount of space as we did the previous year, I don’t think things would have felt so crowded and chaotic. I miss BronyCon, it was my local pony con, and my first ever pony con. Overall, I had fun at BronyCon 2019, I just wish we had more space.

I don’t think the fandom will die. It may shrink, but I think it will always be around with or without conventions. I love going to conventions and I hope the ones we currently have don’t go the way of BronyCon. I don’t know what convention I will be attending this year if any given the current situation in the world. I’m not sure when things will get back to normal and we can have things like conventions again. I’ve seen a quite a few online conventions pop up lately, which I think is a great thing in a time like this. It’s also just a great thing to have in general for those who can’t make it to a physical convention.

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