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  • 8 weeks
    Some updates about Ancient Twilight.

    This is continued from updates on section three

    About Ancient Twilight.

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  • 8 weeks
    Some updates about section three.

    So, since it's been so long since I've explained anything, I can understand how people will assume stories have been dropped.

    My writing is largely based on mood, and I also have other issues that I'm working through but I won't go into here, but here's some updates:

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  • 35 weeks
    Q&A For section three.

    The latest chapter of Section Three is done. I ended it a bit early because I wanted to do a Q&A thing.

    So, when I write stories, I try my best to not hold the hand of the reader. I don't usually outright explain things even if they do have an explanation.

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  • 79 weeks

    ancient twilight is hands down my best story, and it's gotten me lots of readers. But, great as it's doing I've been told of a problem with the writing.

    this is the first actual constructive criticism I've gotten, and I have to take it into account, criticism is hard to handle sometimes, but it's necessary to improve.

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  • 116 weeks
    late chapters

    as I progress further and further into my story, I run into more snags and walls. I know where I want the story to go, but writing how to get there in a clear and concise manner is getting hard.

    I'm really just having a hard time explaining concepts in the story, each interaction goes through several hiccups before they get ironed out.

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Some updates about Ancient Twilight. · 8:21pm April 6th

This is continued from updates on section three

About Ancient Twilight.

I've actually written a paragraph on this story. I felt the urge to go back to it for a moment. I made the decision awhile ago that I was spreading myself far too thin, I had too many stories I wanted to write at any given moment, and I knew if I continued, I'd never finish any of them.

So, I made the decision to focus on Section Three, a mature story, since it was only a couple of chapters away from being finished. Once this story is done, I'll be focusing my efforts back to Ancient Twilight.

it's getting harder and harder to avoid writing for that story, it's one of my favorites in terms of concepts, and for some reason, people really like the scribbles I wrote while asleep that resembled as fanfiction so I posted it.

Patience is kind of hard, especially for things you enjoy doing. But just wait a bit longer, depending on how the next couple weeks go, I could have my first fully finished story aside from Not fast enough.

As I've said before, once Section Three is finished, I'll be refocusing on Ancient twilight. and hopefully, during the time I've spent on other stories I have improved a little bit since then.

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