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  • 87 weeks
    Bit Of A Ramble

    Probably not a surprise given the title but as you can guess I've been hitting a bunch of road blocks lately. This blog post might be a bit of a ramble or vent, so bare with me here.

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  • 89 weeks

    Howdy! Been awhile since I updated A New Start among other stories, don't worry I'm still working out the drafts for everything on a few stories. Things have just been a bit hectic lately. Hope you all are staying safe, taking care of yourselves and loved ones and making sure to be wary of being in densely populated areas- virus may be everywhere on the news and people may be panicking a

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  • 111 weeks
    Interlude I (Repost)

    I accidentally deleted Interlude I (which goes after Chapter 3) of the story, so I apologize for that. Was deleting a draft, ended up hitting the wrong one and didn't realize it.

    Those of you already caught up probs just ignore this. Those that aren't may want to look at this ahead of time.

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  • 114 weeks
    Im hoping this helps somehow

    Even if it aint much I thought I'd get the word out. holy needs help and if anyone knows a way to get in contact with the police,their location, and name to be able to do something please do it as immediately

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  • 116 weeks
    It has begun

    Answer Me is out.

    Initially debated on writing it as a one-shot but I felt that would be too long to do and difficult given my cell situation. So, I'm breaking it up into chapters. No idea how many, no idea how quick I'll update, but keep your eyes peeled. There's a lot to unpack.

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Bit Of A Ramble · 5:23pm Apr 4th, 2020

Probably not a surprise given the title but as you can guess I've been hitting a bunch of road blocks lately. This blog post might be a bit of a ramble or vent, so bare with me here.

Its been a couple months since I last updated A New Start and It All Starts @12 (which some might notice I've removed due to just generally disliking the chapter flow of it for awhile now). I'll be honest since Quarantine Season started I've been trying to come up with better content, as recently I haven't been feeling as satisfied with my attempts at chapters for different stories. My work ethic in writing on here hasn't been stable in a while, and it's probably going to take a bit of time till after things settle down in my personal life before I can get back into posting regular-ishly.

I've been particularly trying to come up with content that at most continues previous unfinished stories- like Chaos Falls or Tick Tock The Bet Is Up since I still get notifications on here now and then, but even that tends to hit a road block when I sit down and give it a try. It irritates me on a personal level when I start hitting a road block for a story. Type a chapter, proofread it, then delete or erase all the progress because I get this feeling it can be better. Especially annoys me when I have the free time to write and what should have been a recent chapter update in a week or two weeks or even a few days, spans outwards into a delay that goes as far as year without a single blog post to give those of you following any sense of where I'm going with a story.

So, I'm going to start working on being a tad more open when it comes to delays or hiccups regarding a story or chapter. Chapter updates for A New Start are bound to be incoming, that's the main reason I'm tagging the story in here. Haven't dropped it, just is taking me a tad more time than even I thought it usually would to finish some chapters.

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