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I am trying to be Writer but, my english not so good. ONE PUNNNCHCHHH!

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  • Wednesday
    All ok

    Hi everyone I wanted to update I am still ok I have no coronovirus and I am had just a small fever a week ago but is gone and I am ok

    How are you also I want to know if your ok so that I know your good.

    I also want to ask why no one comment on my story refently is it because their is not enough content going is to comment? Please help my story for me to make better also thanks you!

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  • Saturday
    What you thik

    Hello everone I wanted to ask is thank you for reading my story and maybe liking but, their is something else I want if you could, comment on my story? I haven’t has a comment in a long time and I like to know what you think of my story as when I upload a chapter so that, I may know what you think! So please if possible, can you, comment what you think thank you.

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  • 3 weeks
    Like if you like please

    Sorry for the prevous blog KM experience is correct please don’t like my story is only for when because, it is I ask you to do it, please like my story is because, you enjoy it! It is actually I would want to say is got 40/16 which is actually surpringing me already because, it is more then I thought it would be have. So thank you all for bringeing my story where to is now! I will continue to

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  • 4 weeks
    Like please

    Hi again everyone I am still ok thanfkully I just wanted to say no one given a like to my story recenty is their anything I can do to make it better please tell me what I can do so that I can get like! Thank yoiu everyone for reading so far here!

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  • 7 weeks
    Thank you for the 50!

    I have the 50 followers and now 51 before July ends so thank you everyone for to help me make this is a happening! Thank you! I do hope to have be sending out more chapters soon so please read more and I hope you like!

    5 comments · 26 views

What good story · 2:36pm March 23rd

Hi I am still new for a while, anyone can recommend me good stories to read, I would like, if there is good ones, I know there is, so if can recommend.

Thank you! Also thank you for like my story!

Report Georgdoza · 45 views · Story: A hero for fun. · #Hero for fun.
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