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  • 27 weeks
    Artist wanted

    Long and short, I haves me a laser engraver now.
    Bad news, I can't draw worth a damn
    Worse news, I can't make heads or tails of art programs.

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    A New Generation of ponies (possible mild spoilers)

    So, the time has come, G5/A New Generation the movie has dropped. Not bad, though I do agree with Dr Wolf that it seemed rushed at times, likely as he said a side effect of it being under two hours. Before I'd seen it, based on rumors and clips leaked on YouTube I would've described as 'a group of ponies go searching for the magical MacGuffin only to find out what's really important'. Seriously,

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    Punting Google

    And hopefully some or all of the authors I work with will be willing to follow me. The whole story is over here but the short version is Google is being really blatant about how much they track you, and it's making me a bit uncomfortable. Yes, I'll still keep using their services as long as authors I work with use it, but I rather hope

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    EEeeee, happy bat (food news)

    So, our household uses HelloFresh, and one of this weeks meals is Mango Tango Chicken Tacos.

    EEEEEEeeeee Mangos!

    Ok, maybe a bit meat heavy, but you can always use less. And mangos!

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    Third Herd is live!!!!

    Ok, so far only TikiBat knew about this because we weren't ready to go public until today, but we've a new blog, The Third Herd which will be where any previews to the story, along with Hopeling's reviews and Gavin's work reports will be posted.

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Virus · 5:59pm Mar 22nd, 2020

Soooo, apparently starting tomorrow we're in lockdown... quarantine... Sorry, shelter in place. Still trying to figure out the point of the order, considering that the list of things you're still allowed to do are go to the grocery store, pharmacy, get food, access essential services and work. Ummm, so basically the same things I've been allowed to do until today, right?

On another note, we stocked up yesterday, mostly. Wasn't able to get regular OxyClean, just laundry booster, though since laundry was the main reason I wanted it, that's not a big deal. Also wasn't able to stock up on chicken as ALDI USA was out (they're really struggling in my area), and Dierbergs charges like three times as much for it. Still, we're mostly good, got ingredients for a Mexican meatloaf, root vegetable stew and a chili along with lots of cans of soup. Also stocked up on cough medicine. This plus the amount of frozen cook in a pan meals, one Hello Fresh meal and two more on their way means we've around three week supply of everything we need.

I'll still be working, my job (O'Reilly Auto Parts) is an essential service, so we won't be closing.

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