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Branching Paths of Friendship / Inglorious Bastard Inspired Piece / Friendship Lost Series Update / New Story · 10:41pm Mar 18th, 2020

That's right the new story is here, Branching Paths of Friendship. It is an Inglorious Bastard inspired fic based in the same timeline as Friendship Needs a Bodyguard and FIB. As before don't worry about reading those other stories to understand this one as it takes place months before those and actually spans more time than any other story. The story doesn't just give it title due to the movie following multiple people at once, but also because this will hint to other stories in this timeline that have yet to be released. And as with the others, this story will be following an exclusive group of characters I have yet to work on, that being Sky Stinger, Vapor Trail, Big Mac, and Birch Bucket.

[Adult story embed hidden]

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