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Finished! Kind of. · 8:31pm March 7th

So yeah! Went ahead and wrapped up En Garde!

Or, uh, I KIND of wrapped up En Garde! As again, the story was mostly an excuse to write a bunch of swashbuckling swordfights. Which ... Musketeer-themed AU's apparently don't get much attention, to judge by the read-tracker. Then again, I guess nobody reads pony stories anymore, obviously. Still kind of funny to think that I might write something less popular than the Flash Sentry Papers? Go fig.

Anyway! I have other ideas for the En Gardiverse (has a certain ring to it, I suppose?). Though I'm not sure if I should just explore those in more chapters to En Garde! or if I should create another story as a sequel as things go along. Decisions, decisions. And don't worry, I don't have a mad-on for Sunset Shimmer (Rarity doesn't, either!) it's just that she was too perfect of a character to use as the villain. Or, well, I guess I could have used Adagio Dazzle or something, except for the fact that the Sirens are dumb. Fight me.

But yeah. For the whole six of you who actually read the dang story, hope you enjoyed it! I ... may return to it, eventually, should inspiration strike.

Honestly, I think I might start getting into a little bit of a pattern-- each month, set aside a week to write some silly pony fanfic as a palate cleanser, and for the rest of the month I'll work on the theoretical original fiction stuff that I've been plinking away at. Which, uh ... will probably just result in the occasional silly pony story, but maybe I'll finally get my act together on this other thing? We shall see.

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Comments ( 3 )

Well, the Flash Sentry Papers were what made me follow you so it say a lot about my taste apparently. Don't forget to give us links to whatever new original works or fandom you are working on.

The thing about Flash Sentry stories is that when people see the character tag their stolen waifu syndrome kicks in, thus they avoid/downvote the story in question.

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