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Fall of an Angel · 12:54pm Feb 20th, 2020

Lucifer Magne hummed a tune to himself as he sat in the living room of his palace. He was watching a bad TV show, mostly ignoring it as he was pondering new ways to punish sinners.

"Damn you, dad." He muttered angrily with a sigh, reaching over to a nearby fruit bowl before picking out a fresh, juicy apple. Licking his lips, he sunk his fangs into it and nibbled on it. He stretched in boredom as he got up from the couch, turning off the television and making his way to his room, passing his wife Lillith, who was hard at work creating new Succubi and Incubi to tempt mortals with carnal offers of the flesh. And, of course, to help supply Valintino's.....industry.

"I swear. What does dad have against sex?" Lucifer mused, shaking his head as he made his way to his luxurious bedroom. A king-sized bed with red and white pillows and sheets. Two end tables with some outdated sort of alarm clocks and phones. On the right side of the room was a walk-in closet that housed his and his wife's clothes, and the left was their personal bathroom.

Sighing, he took off his white hat and hung it on a nearby iron hook, his coat following. He then began to shed his apple-red shirt. His figure was, as the kids say, hot. A divine six-pack and well-toned arms. Only, there was a flaw in his figure.

A circular scar on his right breast. An ancient stab wound from when he was cast out. If one were to look to his back, there was another wound identical to it, or more accurately, the same wound.

Lucifer sighed, rubbing it lightly. "To this day it itches."

He heard the door open behind him but paid it no mind. Perhaps it was his wife wishing for some fun after a long day. Yet, he was surprised when he heard a gasp not belonging to his wife, but his daughter.

"Dad, what happened to you?" Charlie asked in shock, staring at two scars that adorned his back.

"Oh, those?" He asked casually. "Those were where my wings were."

"Your, wings?" the princess repeated. "As in your angel wings?"

"The very same." Lucifer sighed, not at all phased by his daughter seeing his torso bare.

"What....the Hell happened to them?" Charlie asked, continuing to stare before Lucifer turned to face his child.

"Michael ripped them out," Lucifer said, his voice calm yet his face a scowl.

"Oh....oh gosh. Uncle Mike did that to you?" Charlie asked in shock.

"Yes. When I and my Host was cast from Heaven." Lucifer nodded.

"What exactly happened that day?" Charlie asked, prompting the fallen angel to let out a sigh.

"Sit down. It's a long story." Lucifer sighed.

Charlie obeyed with a nod and sat down on the bed, paying attention closely.

As I'm sure you know, it all began when dad introduced humans into the mix of the divine hierarchy, especially the Christ kid. He was a nice guy, I'll admit. Much more open than the others. Less of a prude. There is a reason he was the one to incarnate and get crucified a few years down the line.

Back on point...

My army lined up in front of the Palace of Heaven, an entire Host of Angels stood behind me, all armed with spears and swords and the like, and donned in their royal armor. With me and my best friend, Samael, in the front. Samael held a Morningstar, and I, a trident.

"All right Luci, we sure about this?" Samael asked. "Once we do this, there is no going back."

"I am sure, Sam. For the sake of freedom," I nodded. Yet, before we could charge, there were horns from overhead. We looked up and saw them. Michael's host and retaliatory force.

I turned to face my army and spoke simple orders.

"Alright, boys! To arms!"

They all let out their angelic battle cries and spread their wings, as did me and Samael, and we flew off.

"Cast the traitors out!" Michael ordered, spurring on his own host with his sword.

Our armies met, blades met blade, and angel fought angel.

I met Michael and Samael rushed into battle and clashed with the other angels.

My brother thrust at me with his saber, and I blocked it with the prongs of my trident before I attempted to whack him with the other end of the staff, which had a sharpened point. However, he dodged out of the way, the pressure keeping the sword in place being lost, which allowed him to take it back.

I jumped back and saw reinforcements coming, being lead by Gabriel. Reaching for my dragon's tail whip, I whipped it into the sky above and tore down stars onto the fresh choir.

Yet my pride overtook me and allowed me to be taken. Micheal rammed into me from behind, allowing him to throw me to the cloud cover which, despite popular belief, felt like concrete in the realm of Heaven.

I was woozy and delirious, with my beloved Trident and whip only in arm's reach.

I was about to grab for it, but Michael landed atop my back, kicking both further away.

I stared into Michael's eyes pleadingly.

"Brother, don't!" I begged.

"Don't "brother" me! With this act, I punish thee!" Michael declared, rearing his sword back for a final blow. Samael took notice, but was locked in combat with Gabriel.

Any reply I was going to make was immediately replaced with a scream and cry of pain that shook the Heavens as his blade pierced my flesh, and even my lung before embedding itself into the cloud cover beneath my body.

At first, nothing happened. Both armies stopped. But then, a portal opened nearby, and a wind vortex filled Heaven! All of my Fallen Host were sucked in, and even Samael fell, with him desperately holding onto Gabriel with his morningstar's chain. Yet Michael cut it, causing Samael to be shot from Heaven.

Michael flew up, releasing me to the wind, but I simply spread my own wings and flew above their choirs to make a proud declaration.

"I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north! I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High!" I announced with pride lacing my voice. Yet it was all for naught, as my brother rammed into my back from above, and held onto me by my wings.

"Let go!" I ordered in pain, attempting to shake him off from the center of the vortex, yet it was all for naught. Eventually, I felt something tear, and I let out a scream as my wings were ripped off!

I soon descended to the depths, a thought crossing my mind as I fell.

"It's better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven!"

Charlie was quiet, pondering what she had heard. Finally, a question escaped her lips.

"Do you....miss them? Your wings, I mean."

"Of course I do! They were a beautiful pair too....." Lucifer sighed. "But, I have you and your mother now, so the void is filled."

Charlie and her father shared a warm chuckle before she asked another question.

"Do you....regret it? The revolution? Like, if you could go back and change anything, what would you change?" Charlie asked.

Lucifer pondered this for a moment. "Hmm. Well. First off, I wouldn't try an all-out war. I would try to cause change from within and actually guide humanity instead. Second, I would choose how Hell works, not what dad decided."

"Oh really?" Charlie asked. "What would be different from Dad's version?"

"Where do you think you got the idea for the hotel for?" Lucifer asked slyly.

"No way! You would try redemption!?" Charlie asked with glee, causing her father to sigh.

"Yes. I suppose I would. And I would make it cleaner too. Just because its where sinners go doesn't mean the buffet has to be bad!" Lucifer smiled, causing another laugh to be shared by the two.

"Exactly! Anyway, I should do what I came here for." Charlie got up from the bed.

"Oh? What's that?" Lucifer asked, picking out a white towel.

"Feed Ethen," Charlie said, walking up to her father's hat and rousing the purple snake with a pet. The snake hissed happily and wagged its tail like a dog. "He hasn't eaten in a while."

Lucifer raised an eyebrow before chuckling. "I swear, I would forget where my head is if it wasn't attached."

Charlie chuckled again before handing the purple snake a mouse, which it promptly bit into and devoured happily.

"Well, see you dad!" Charlie waved goodbye, leaving the room.

"Goodbye, Charlotte." Lucifer sighed, before taking off the rest of his clothes and taking his shower, a final thought on his mind.

Hmm, if it means seeing that smile, it is better to reign in Hell than to serve on Heaven.

Not a comic adaptation, just an idea I got that popped in my head.

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