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Thank you all for being kind to others.

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I [s]drew[/s] traced this. · 12:55am Jan 30th, 2020

I drew traced this, so yeah. (Deleted Fluttershy yay)

It´s supposed to be Luna and Snowdrop.

Comments ( 17 )

You did pretty amazing on it!

Wow, that's really good!

You're very welcome! Keep up the good work!

Well Done! Looks good! :heart:



Thank you everyone. I did look at this while doing it, but I still tried my best to do it on my own.

You're very welcome! You did pretty well with it.

I had no idea that Luna´s eye would end up shaded so well. I´m glad it turned out that way.

Well done! I’ve heard of Snow Drop, but I’ve never actually seen it!

Oh. Thank you. That´s fan art for it. Here´s the video.

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