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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate

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    Hasbro you fools

    Well got some info about Gen 5 and it's terrible. Season 9 ending with Twilight and company getting all the major races to ally and take down the Legion of Doom and would continuing this as time will pass. Well Gen 5 which is supposed to be the same universe. race relations have dropped so bad that even the pony tribes have separated so it's now like Equestria never mind Twilight's efforts were

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    A Word of Adivce to fellow Writers

    Recently read a story called Mistress of Oasis where an Egyptian styled Queen kidnaps spike to repopulate their species which is facing an issue of too few males born and most of them are sterile. seemed interesting. but i pointed out in the first chapter that this was a bad move by the queen. Spike is considered the brother to one royal Princess. but noted in this story Spike is also legally

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    G5 is goign to fail

    just check this out.


    Faust help us

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    When you try to help a writer

    reading an interesting story but has a big weakness. Twilight is OOC as a jerk to the stories MC with very little reason shown. they say the Elements destroyed and the princesses beaten which they show but they also say alot of Ponyville residents died but they don't SHOW it so we are to believe on just that Twilight is at the point where she can; kidnap a human, blast their arm off in the

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    19 years and where we are now

    it's been 19 years since 9/11. a horrible event that made all Americans unified in sorrow, fear, and then anger. United We Stand was the motto. Perhaps the greatest sadness is that THAT horrible event couldn't keep us unified for even a few years. And now we are at the point of Civil War for my country. Where a seven year old is attacked by two grown women, or a man simply walking at night

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Update on Updates · 5:01pm Jan 29th, 2020

My Born for Loyalty is nearing a major arc so focusing on that for awhile before updating the others.

Some might not like some events on this arc but it is needed and planned from the beginning. I hope you will understand why I did it.

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Comments ( 15 )

Oki, I'm just happy your still working on it and not quit

Oh I am not quiting at all

Thankfully, happy to see your back buddy

Bring on the CHAPTERS!!!! ;3

I mean, your story, your rules, right?

Though I am not a fan of "Born of loyalty", it's still amazing to know that you are still writing you stories bruh

Thanks but what don't You like with BFL?

Well people ask when x updates so trying to address that

Idk, the story itself just doesn't click with me

Not to say it's bad, just saying it's not for me

Though I really like the "Lance of love" "Love......... seriously?!" And all 3 of the "nightmare" trilogy

good all three are up for updates when this arc is done

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