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    I am plotting out a new series of stories, the basic premise is going to be each of the Equestria girls enjoying a different anime or being in an anime like scenario. So I want to get feedback from all of you on which anime you think that would fit the girls the best. I have a couple of draft ideas like the following

    Sunset & Pinkie watch Uzaki-chan wants to hang out

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    Humane 7 go trick or treating with the CMC

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    G5...Pass. No thanks.

    Gonna be completely honest and probably gonna get my asshole torn in half for this but fuck it here goes.

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    Getting back into it and current situation

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    Update: Redux of old story incoming

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Valentines Day Story Coming Soon · 5:26am Jan 17th, 2020

I have been trying to crank out more stories but life has been hard and writing even harder but I wanna try and give you guys SOMETHING for Valentines day. So I will put it to a vote. Which ship do you guys wanna see me tackle most out of these.

Sunset x Adagio

Sci-Twi x Sunset

Rarity x Adagio

Applejack x Rarity

Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash

Diamond Tiara x Applebloom

Adagio x Rara

Comments ( 16 )

Adagio x Rara

Never seen that one before!

That's one I have been interested in writing for awhile and I am very tempted to

not enough lesbians

Dagi and Rara, it might be good to try something different.

Adagio x Sunset or Adagio x Rarity or Applejack x Rarity. One of those options is fine with me!

The last one looks interesting, I want to see how do you develop this couple. Also, another unexpected choice for you: Sci-Twi x Adagio.

I say Adagio X Sunset as an idea. Maybe Dagi should get kinky :duck:

Though Sci-Twi and Shimmy are always fun. And cute :twilightsmile:

Rara is basically the EG equivalent to Michael Jackson had everything gone right(still has an abusive father) and if he was female lmao

If i might inject my own suggestion... Fluttershy X Aria
So little of that pairing.
Other thatn that... All 3 of the Adagio's sound good

I agree with him on the Adagios, but Adagio and rara sounds the most interesting because I've never heard of it before.

Rarity X Adagio. Feel it doesn't get enough love.

Agreed. I have a story with rarity x adagio I just gotta finish it

Yeah I'm currently tracking it. Also tracking 3 of your other stories. Finished a few of your older stories too.

Oh thank you! Be sure to drop a comment on them so I can know what you liked. Feedback helps a lot

Sci-Twi x Sunset

I'm a fan of the classics.

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