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WaterSparkle (Twilight Sparkle & Water Lily) Friendshipping Confession · 3:49am Dec 22nd, 2019

I was going to do something like this next week but since I’m not in a writing mood, I feel like doing this right now will be the time. If you read the chapters Lily And Water’s Day With The Princess from Princess Twilight Meets New Friends, Outdoors Back In The Exposure from Princess Twilight’s Yacht Vacation and of course, one of my Christmas stories, A Gift To A Princess Holiday’s Heart, you notice that I have this friendshipping thing with Princess Twilight and Water Lily.

Well, considering Water Lily made her appearance in one of the beach shorts, it gave me an idea to use her in one of my beach stories. Yes I do remember I barely used her but when I was working on Princess Twilight Meets New Friends, I came up with a chapter idea since she’s Lily Pad’s little sister.

Since this was a chapter I wanted Princess Twilight to meet more characters, it was the best opportunity to do that. And when I got to Princess Twilight’s Yacht Vacation’s chapter,

it was another opportunity to use Water Lily again, even though my rejected chapter ideas could’ve used her more. And finally there’s the Christmas story.

If you saw the dislikes I got, yeah...for that being the first time Water being in the focus...I can see Flurry Heart fans hating it. Yes it’s not the only reason but for this blog alone, it needs to be discussed.

Let me talk about Flurry Heart and her relationship with Twilight Sparkle. First of all, I have nothing against it nor do Flurry Heart. A Flurry Of Emotions is where we get to see the two somewhat bonding. But that’s the thing, I said somewhat bonding.

Through the majority of the episode, Twilight (along with Spike) is trying to do her schedule while taking care of Flurry Heart. I don’t know if anyone sees this like I do but in seasons 7-9, some of the episodes have a habit of hammering in an anger moment towards the second half. And this episode is one of them. I get the episodes are supposed to have a lesson but if Twilight didn’t have a schedule, this episode would be about Twilight and Flurry.

Unlike some episodes I have a grudge with that type of habit, this episode is basically trying so hard to be unique and not predictable but the biggest problem is that Princess Cadance and Shining Armor is the mother and father of Flurry Heart. Since they live in the Crystal Empire, it’s the prime reason this is the only episode where we see Princess Twilight and Flurry Heart together.

Now before you say anything, yes I’m aware of the scene of Twilight being mad at Flurry Heart, apologies and learns her lesson to play with her to which I admit, made me enjoyed the episode but after watching the later episodes, the habit has starting to pick up on me.

For me, this episode involving Flurry Heart could’ve been better if it didn’t need to be unique. At some points we see Princess Cadance and Shining Armor thinking about their daughter.

If Twilight was taking the role of her bother and sister law, this would of made Twilight more respectful towards Flurry if her schedule didn’t got in her way.

This image is all I need to show you what I’m referring to. And afterwards, we never saw Flurry Heart in a major role. Once Upon A Zeppelin doesn’t count since it’s mainly a Twilight episode.

Anywhere, I should get back to the main topic. If any of you asked, no! Just because my EqG Twilight is all AU stories, doesn’t mean Flurry Heart doesn’t exist, I wouldn’t go too far. The reason why they’re AU stories is because I was also continuing the events of Forgotten Friendship when I began writing Princess Twilight Meets New Friends.

My point is, I didn’t want to make more people really upset for what I wrote. My motivations is to take my fanservice come true in fanfiction. And what I do for Princess Twilight and Water Lily is something I got into on my own. I wanted Princess Twilight to see a child who’s really like Flurry Heart but at the same time, something that she has a reason to come back in A Gift To A Princess’s Holiday Heart. Yes is off to see a grown teenage girl looking after an 5 year old child but it’s not wrong.

Moments in the two chapters I mentioned earlier, I was trying to make it it’s own thing. The part where the cruise people get around Twilight and Water was something that’s supposed to be out in the ordinary. And towards the end of the holiday story where they gave each gifts was supposed to continue Twilight’s journey in Sunset’s World. When we live in a world where Princess Twilight has no reason to be in Equestria Girls anymore (which I’m still against with), I had to do everything in my effort to make her stories have a purpose.

Not to mention I have other ideas I can do with this. If you we’re in my shoes while feeling the same thing, you would do the same motivations like I do, unless if you think about this image when Water Lily comes to mind.

And if you think I’m still against the relationship between Twilight and Flurry Heart,

and Flurry Heart alone

your not giving me any credit.

And if you saw the title of the blog, this is FRIENDSHIPPING! not shipping. Just because I put two names together, doesn’t mean it’s what you really think. There’s limitations.

Anyway that’s everything I needed to say about this topic. I really appreciate the time you took to read this.

P.S. Water Lily isn’t going to be in Twilight’s Backstage Pass due to the stories direction (even if she was never going to appear either way) but sometime in 2020 or later, she’s going to return in the one shot sequels. I do have ideas but I’m keeping them secret. You will be amazed when the time comes.

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