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BronyCon 2019 Reflections Part 4: Sunday and Monday · 9:11pm Dec 17th, 2019


I started off the day attending the RLPV brunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered pancakes with a side of bacon and a cheesecake to go. I’m still not that great at conversation, but I tried. Looking back, I feel that I should have stayed longer. After the brunch, I returned to the convention center. I was about to go to a panel, but the line was too long, so I went back to my room and ate the cheesecake then returned to the convention center one last time. I just walked around taking in the last moments of BronyCon. I heard some people do a sing a long of various songs from the show, which was pretty cool. Once it got close to three o’clock. I got in the long line for Closing Ceremonies. So many people were in line that we had to be put into the registration and autograph hall as an overflow room where they streamed the ceremony as well as the end of the charity auction. The charity auction was running late just like it did last year. I teared up during the auction when I saw the BronyCon memorabilia being auctioned off. The mascot storyline got wrapped up with Mane Event being the one who stole the items because she didn’t want her friends to go away. It was also revealed that Mane Event would be going off to Bridleway to be in a show. The mascots hugged each other and said they would always be friends. The convention organizers made a montage of photos from past BronyCons and thanked us for supporting the Convention. The ceremonies ended with a song about saying “so long” to BronyCon. I was sad after it was all over. I walked back over the skywalk to the Hilton one last time and had to take the stairs back to my room because of “elevatorCon.” Later on, I had my usual at Jimmy John’s for dinner. I spent the rest of the night in my room contemplating the future of conventions and the fandom as a whole.


I checked out of the hotel, took the Charm City Circulator to Baltimore Penn and then the Vermonter back to New York. After spending some time in the city, I took the bus back to PA.

This concludes my trip to BronyCon 2019. I will be making another blog post after this about my overall thoughts on BC2019 and the future of Brony conventions.

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