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It's gonna happen · 9:38pm Dec 12th, 2019

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and rewrite Loveliest of Trees. I feel like their origin story deserves better. I can go back and retcon some of the stupid shit that I thought was good at the time. I might have to go back to the oneshots as well, but that's a whole other thing. We'll see.

I'm not gonna George Lucas the series tho. I just want it to be more focused on their relationship and cut some of the fat out (like I did for the 2nd version). Hopefully the 3rd version will be even better. I already have an idea to practically cut Ch.1 in half XDXDXD

Stay tuned, bitches :P:P:P

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Comments ( 4 )

Sweet! I might actually read it!

yes! new content is coming

Don't fuck this up like George Lucas did.

Huh, this will be interesting. Good luck. :twilightsmile:

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